What is Broly LSSJ power level?

What is Broly LSSJ power level?

According to official power levels, Broly in his Legendary Super Saiyan form has a power level of 1,400,000,000. Teen Gohan at Super Saiyan 2 had a power level of 1,800,000,000. Super Saiyan 3 is 4 times stronger than SSJ2 and SSJ God is far stronger than SSJ3.

What is Goku’s power level in Dragon Ball Super Broly?

Pre-Dragon Ball

Saga Character Power level
Broly 10,000
Goku 2
A Saiyan Sniper 2,000

How strong is Chiaotzu?

In the Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might movie pamphlet, Chiaotzu’s power level is only 130 while most of the rest of the Z Fighters have their power levels higher than in their fight with Nappa and Vegeta. His power level is 610 according to the Daizenshuu after having trained on Kami’s Lookout.

How much stronger was gogeta than Broly?

So if the creater makes Gogeta win, which they will no matter what he’s going to say that Broly’s power level is lower than Gogeta because he got defeated by him. But in reality I would say Broly’s power level is about 500,000,000,000 possiby more, and Gogeta’s power level about 3,500,000,000.

Why is DBS Broly so strong?

When Broly was born, his power was limitless and as he entered into adulthood, his strength became near uncontrollable. The reason why he is so strong is because of his rare genes (found in Saiyans) that allow him to transform into what is called the Legendary Super Saiyan.

What was Bardock’s power level before he died?

His performance cannot be taken as typical amongst the low class. Bardok, his father, for all his experiences, only had a power level of 10,000 when he died.

What is Broly’s power level in DBZ?

V-Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump supplemental materials revealed power levels for characters in Cooler’s Revenge and Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, the fifth and eighth Dragon Ball Z films. These place Cooler in his fifth form at a power level of 470,000,000 and Broly in his Legendary Super Saiyan form at 1,400,000,000.

What happened to the power levels in Dragon Ball Z?

In the “Saiyan” and “Frieza” arcs of Dragon Ball Z, power levels were a constant metric of comparison, used to see who was somebody and who wasn’t even worth a punch. However, as Dragon Ball continued and power creep spun out of control, levels became harder and harder to keep track of.

How powerful is Broli in Dragon Ball Super?

The “estimated battle power” for Coola is listed at 470,000,000 which would place him roughly four times as powerful as Freeza. Broli is listed at 1.4 billion which is roughly ten times as powerful as Son Goku was during his battle as a Super Saiyan against Freeza.

What is Broly’s power level in V-Jump?

Of all the games that do list power levels, however, the only one consistent with V-Jump’s information is Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha, a plug-and-play game released by Konami in 2007. The game, like V-Jump, lists Broly’s power level as 1,400,000,000.