What is BASIC Stamp 2?

What is BASIC Stamp 2?

The BASIC Stamp 2 serves as the brains inside of electronics projects and applications that require a programmable microcontroller. It is able to control and monitor timers, keypads, motors, sensors, switches, relays, lights, and more.

How much RAM does Basic Stamp 2 have?

32 bytes
General specifications

Processor: Microchip PIC16C57C @ 20 MHz
RAM size: 32 bytes1
Program memory size: 2 Kbytes2
Motor driver: none
Motor channels: 0

What is the BASIC Stamp software used for?

The BASIC Stamp Editor Software is the programming environment for all BASIC Stamp modules, and custom devices built with our PBASIC Interpreter chips. A built-in Debug Terminal supports bidirectional (unidirectional on BS1) communication between the BASIC Stamp and the PC during run-time.

What is BASIC Stamp in Arduino?

The Basic Stamp is an extremely minimalist board that does just enough to blink an LED, read a button, or drive an LCD. In the official documentation, there are only a handful of parts: a microcontroller, an EEPROM with a few bytes of memory, a crystal, and a voltage regulator.

How much is a BASIC Stamp?

Most First Class Mail letters include general correspondence such as billing invoices, credit card statements and birthday cards. These items typically weigh one ounce or less. The cost of a one-ounce First Class Mail stamp is $0.58 at the Post Office, or $0.47 if you buy and print stamps online using Stamps.com.

What is the RAM used for on the BASIC Stamp?

The BASIC Stamp has two kinds of memory; RAM (for variables used by your program) and EEPROM (for storing the program itself). EEPROM may also be used to store long-term data in much the same way that desktop computers use a hard drive to hold both programs and files.

Which memory loses its contents when the power is switched off?

volatile memory
RAM is a type of volatile memory because it will lose its data if the power is turned off. ROM or Read Only Memory is a type of non-volatile memory which means it keeps its data even if the power is turned off.

What is BASIC Stamp editor?

The BASIC Stamp Editor Software for Windows created by Parallax Inc. is freeware. This software may be distributed freely for personal, educational, or commercial use with Parallax BASIC Stamp hardware. This software does not collect, store, or automatically transmit end-user information.

What language is BASIC Stamp?

Programming. The BASIC Stamp is programmed in a variant of the BASIC language, called PBASIC.

Is RAM volatile or nonvolatile?

RAM is volatile memory, which means that the information temporarily stored in the module is erased when you restart or shut down your computer. Because the information is stored electrically on transistors, when there is no electric current, the data disappears.