What is B2P Pilot?

What is B2P Pilot?

The Pilot B2P, also known as bottle to pen, is an environmentally friendly retractable gel pen as 89% of it’s body is made of recycled PET bottle. It has a see through design, making it resemble the look of a water bottle. This pen uses the same refill as our popular G2 gel pen.

Can you recycle B2P pens?

IT’S EASY BEING GREEN: B2P Gel Roller Pens are recycled and feature brilliant G2 gel inks in black, blue, red, green and purple, with matching accents.

What is B2P vs B2C?

A majority of modern businesses fall into one of two categories: B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business). These classifications provide the building blocks at a company’s inception, as they broadly define a brand’s audience and target market. Enter, B2P (business-to-person) sales and marketing.

Is Pilot G2 a gel pen?

Pilot G2 Gel Pens in Premium Purple – Fine Point – Pack of 12. G2 America’s #1 selling gel pen contains a dynamic gel ink formulated for smooth and smear-proof writing. Retractable and refillable G2 offers extreme value with longest lasting ink!

What type of plastic are Pilot pens made of?

Pilot Pen, widely acknowledged as writing instrument innovators, is transforming an environmental menace into an eco-friendly hero with its Bottle 2 Pen (B2P). Made from 89 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, one plastic water bottle can be used to create two B2P pens.

How are B2P pens made?

recycled bottles
Bottle-2-Pen (B2P) is the world’s first family of pens made from recycled bottles. Not only are B2P gel ink pens and B2P ballpoint pens made from 89% and 83% recycled plastic bottles respectively, but they also have a unique water bottle inspired barrel design.

Are Pilot pens refillable?

Product Details: A world premiere: Pilot introduces the first liquid ink pen with a cartridge system. The legendary precision-writing quality of Pilot V5/V7 is now more cost-efficient (refill it!) and more environmentally friendly. Cost-efficient; refillable up to 10 times with guaranteed smoothness.

What is the cost of Pilot pen?

Sold by Appario Retail Private Ltd and Fulfilled by Amazon. ₹517.00 Fulfilled FREE Delivery….Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 Pen, Blue (Pack of 12)

M.R.P.: ₹720.00
You Save: ₹203.00 (28%)
Inclusive of all taxes

What B2P means?

Enter, B2P (business-to-person) sales and marketing.

What is the pilot B2P pen?

Mae from 89 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, the Pilot B2P features vibrant gel ink and a fine 0.7mm point for smooth, effortless writing. Designed to mimic a bottle of water, the body of the B2P pen is translucent blue with unique striations like those commonly found on water bottles.

What is the B2P gel roller?

The B2P Gel Roller is made from 89% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. It is the world’s first and only recycled pen made from plastic bottles and features vibrant G2 gel ink for smooth, effortless writing. In recent years, plastic water bottles have been under close scrutiny for their environmentally unfriendly characteristics.

What is the difference between the G2 and B2P gel?

Pilotʼs B2P Gel features the same vibrant gel ink as the G2. The B2P pen line gives users the satisfaction of being environmentally minded without sacrificing quality. The B2P Gel line contains 89% recycled plastic bottles.

What kind of ink does the B2P pen come in?

Retractable and refillable, the B2P uses the same ink refill as the Pilot G2, America’s number one selling gel pen. Available in blue, black, and red ink, the writing quality of the B2P meets the same high performance standards found in all of Pilot Pen’s products. Pilot Pens. Simply write. The world’s first pen made from recycled bottles.