What is Avira Antivirus?

What is Avira Antivirus?

Avira is much more than just antivirus software. It comes with several powerful tools that will increase your online security, protect your privacy, and improve your computer’s performance. VPN: Get up to 500 MB of data free each month.

How to install Opera browser on Avira Antivirus?

When you click the Download for Free button, the .exe file will instantly download to your computer. Open the .exe file, and the Setup Wizard will begin. You can read the Terms and Condition and then press the Accept and Install button. Avira Antivirus will also install the Opera Browser, and there is no option to refuse the installation.

Is my data safe with Avira free?

And with our privacy-by-design guarantee, rest assured that your data is safe with us; we will never sell it. Avira Free Antivirus is an all-in-one security, privacy, and performance tool for Mac that combines award-winning antivirus protection with a junk file cleaner, a password manager, and a free VPN (500 MB of free data per month).

How do I install Avira free antivirus?

Install Avira Free Antivirus in 3 easy steps 1 Run the installer Double-click on the downloaded file 2 Confirm Click “Yes” on the dialog box to start your installation 3 Follow the on-screen instructions This should take a few minutes only