What is arpro material?

What is arpro material?

ARPRO material, produced by JSP, is a global market leading expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam material with a unique combination of properties. ARPRO is a 3D engineering polymer material that delivers energy absorption with high structural strength at very low weight, as well as chemical resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation.

What is arpro® expanded polypropylene?

ARPRO ® Expanded Polypropylene is a 3D engineering material that delivers energy absorption with structural strength at very low weight. It also offers chemical resistance as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. ARPRO is 100% recyclable. ARPRO Colors with Porous escaping!

What are the benefits of arpro?

The various environmental, energy absorption and insulative benefits of ARPRO help to maintain its status as the material of choice for many applications in the automotive industry (eg. impact protection), moulded casings in the HVAC industry.

What is the arpro Innovation Centre?

The Innovation Centre supports ARPRO customers and application developers at all stages of product development, from concept to volume production, with a team of experienced engineers to optimise innovative applications in terms of cost, weight saving, and reducing CO 2 emissions Read our press release on our news page.