What is APTA?

What is APTA?

APTA is more than just a professional association. It is a community that values the voices of its members. Our Find a PT directory connects consumers and health care professionals with member physical therapists. Millions of Americans visit APTA’s consumer information website to learn how physical therapy can help them.

What happened to the APTA’s Vision 2020 statement?

The APTA replaced the 2020 statement with a new vision statement, which was adopted and approved in 2013. The original Vision 2020 statement reads: “By 2020, physical therapy will be provided by physical therapists who are doctors of physical therapy, recognized by consumers and other health care…

What is the APTA House of Delegates?

The House of Delegates is an APTA policymaking body comprised of voting chapter delegates, non-voting delegates (the Board of Directors and section, assembly, and PTA Caucus delegates), and consultants.

How do I purchase the APTA Learning Center course?

To access the course please follow the directions provided through the “Purchase Now” feature. If you are not an APTA member or former member you will first need to login to the APTA Web site to obtain a username and password prior to being able to purchase the course in the APTA Learning Center.