What is another word for data accuracy?

What is another word for data accuracy?

In this page you can discover 53 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for accuracy, like: precision, exactness, preciseness, efficiency, exactitude, truth, correctness, particularness, one-for-one targeting, skillfulness and sharpness.

What are 3 synonyms for accuracy?

synonyms for accuracy

  • certainty.
  • efficiency.
  • skill.
  • truthfulness.
  • veracity.
  • carefulness.
  • closeness.
  • definiteness.

What is another term for inconclusive?

Not conclusive, not leading to a conclusion. ambiguous. indecisive. unsettled. vague.

What is the prefix for inaccurate?

The prefix in-2 occurs in Latin loanwords and attaches to Latinate bases….inaccurate.

part of speech: adjective
derivations: inaccurately (adv.), inaccurateness (n.)

What are synonyms for unfair?


  • rotten,
  • unchivalrous,
  • unethical,
  • unjust,
  • unprincipled,
  • unrighteous,
  • unscrupulous.
  • What word means exact and accurate?

    Some common synonyms of accurate are correct, exact, nice, precise, and right.

    What is a synonym and antonym for accurate?

    Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms accurate. Antonyms: careless, inexact, faulty, incorrect, inaccurate, loose, defective. Synonyms: careful, exact, faithful, precise, correct, close, truthful, strict, just, actual, nice.

    Is a matter of being exact accurate and careful?

    free from error or defect; consistent with a standard, rule, or model; precise; exact. careful or meticulous: an accurate typist.

    Is it correct to say more accurate?

    Accurate is simply an adjective, just like entertaining in the same sentence. It is correct to use “more accurate” . You can have more and less accurate.

    What is a synonym for unclear?

    ambiguous, inexact, imprecise, inexplicit, ill-defined, equivocal, indefinite, vague, abstruse, puzzling, perplexing, mysterious, arcane, cryptic, obscure, confused, confusing, hazy, misty, foggy, fogged, clouded, lacking definition, nebulous.

    What are the results of the speed test?

    The detailed results of the speed test show the amount of data in megabytes (MB) that you can theoretically download and upload during a given period of time. Thus, you can easily find out if the data volumes and speed are adequate.

    How accurate is an internet speed test?

    An internet speed test seems simple enough. You visit a site, run the test, and get an accurate measurement of upload and download speeds to and from your computer. The reality is that it isn’t that simple. There are many factors that can slow down your internet connection and affect your measurements and provide inaccurate results.

    Are all speed tests created equal?

    All Speed Test Are Not Created Equal. It is estimated that flash-based speed tests are 40% less accurate than their HTML5 counterparts. Flash is a software owned by Adobe that developers use to build everything from video games to speed tests. HTML5 is the fifth version of HTML, a language (or code) used by programmers to build websites.

    What should you look out for when conducting a speed test?

    When it comes to speed tests, these are the variables to look out for: Wi-Fi: When conducting a speed test, the best results are achieved when your device is connected to your modem directly. Conducting a speed test over wi-fi will skew your results.