What is Andoran?

What is Andoran?

Andoran (pronounced ann-DOHR-ann) is a nation of the people, governed by the principles of Common Rule which grants every man a voice. Andoran holds the reins of its own destiny in the strong hands of its people. It is the birthplace of freedom.

What happened to Andoran?

Andoran prospered as a part of the empire of Cheliax until 4606 AR. The death of the empire’s patron god, Aroden, resulted in a power struggle among the nation’s various noble houses. This civil war ended with House Thrune claiming control of Cheliax.

How did Andoran become part of Taldor?

The Taldan Fourth Army of Exploration explored and mapped the region in 1683 AR. Impressed by the area’s abundant forests and other natural resources, Taldor invaded in 1707 AR. Under the command of General Khastalus of Corentyn, the native peoples were put to the sword and Andoran became the westernmost province of the great Taldan Empire.

How is the Andoran Council elected?

Based out of the capital city of Almas, these individuals are elected by the nation’s populace every five years; Andoran is divided into numerous municipalities, each of which is allowed to elect a single representative to the Council. Additionally, every major guild in the nation is also granted a representative.