What is an interesting fact about Latvia?

What is an interesting fact about Latvia?

Latvians are a people to look up to. Latvia has one of the world’s tallest women, with the average lady coming in at an impressive 170 cm. The men are no midgets either, holding fourth place.

What are two things Latvia is known for?

That’s a total of four national parks, 42 nature parks, 260 nature reserves, 355 nature monuments, seven protected marine areas, 24 micro reserves and a biosphere reserve. In 2012, Latvia topped the Environmental Performance Index and the country is still proud.

What Latvia is famous for?

Top 10 attractions in Latvia

  • #1 Riga. The largest and most exciting metropolis in the Baltics, Riga will inspire you.
  • #2 Gauja National Park. The Gauja National Park is the perfect place to destress.
  • #3 Jurmala.
  • #5 Rundale Palace and Museum.
  • #6 Turaida Museum Reserve.
  • #7 Cesis.
  • #8 Liepaja.
  • #9 Latgale.

What has Latvia invented?

Helsinki, Tallinn & Riga

  • It once owned a bit of the Caribbean.
  • They produced one of the world’s greatest (and tallest) female basketball players.
  • And invented jeans.
  • And discovered Angel Falls.
  • It has its own waterfalls too.
  • You might recognise bits of it.
  • Its booze might cure your sniffles.
  • It looks after its nature.

How old is the Latvian flag?

Though officially adopted in 1923, the Latvian flag was in use as early as the 13th century. The red colour is sometimes described as symbolizing the readiness of the Latvians to give the blood from their hearts for freedom and their willingness to defend their liberty.

What is the Latvian word for hello?

In Latvian, you say Sveiki in place of Hello/Hi.

What are some mind-blowing facts about Latvia?

The indigenous people of Latvia are known as Latvians and Livs. 2. A very old oak tree dating back to the times of Pharaoh (yes, you read it right), the ruler of Egypt, was found in Latvia during an excavation project. A small plaque near the Oak tree reads: “OAK TRUNK: Found during excavation work for Riga new Town Hall.

Where is Latvia located?

Latvia, a parliamentary republic, is bordered by Estonia to the north, Russia and Belarus to the east, and Lithuania to the south, with a maritime border with Sweden to the west. The total length of Latvia’s coastline is 498 km.

Did you know Latvia was once an independent country?

In the 1600’s, the independent Duchy of Courland covering western Latvia was a powerful maritime nation and controlled part of Gambia in Africa and the Caribbean island of Tobago. Legendary painter Mark Rothko was born in Daugavpils, southeast Latvia, before finding fame in the US.

What is it like to be a pagan in Latvia?

Although rather small country (almost 2 million inhabitants) Latvia has welcoming people, gorgeous nature and pagan festivities… Check out these amazing but true facts about beautiful Latvia! One of the last corners of Europe to join Christendom, Latvians are still very much pagans at heart.