What is an aerogen nebulizer?

What is an aerogen nebulizer?

World Leader in Acute Care Aerosol Drug Delivery The Aerogen Solo delivers more inhaled medication to the lungs,4 in less time,5 with less residual volume,7 compared to jet nebulizers, giving confidence in a more effective and controlled treatment.

Is the aerogen an ultrasonic nebulizer?

In a paediatric model with bias flow, the Aerogen Solo performed better than an ultrasonic when placed on the humidifier, similar deposition was observed at the wye6. Both ultrasonic nebulisers and Aerogen have controllers that drive them – but the ultrasonic nebuliser’s controller is bigger, bulkier and heavier.

Is an aerogen a vibrating mesh nebulizer?

Discover Aerogen​ Aerogen’s unique award-winning vibrating mesh technology is supported by over 300 international patents and trusted by the world’s leading mechanical ventilation companies including Dräger, GE, Hamilton Medical, Maquet, Medtronic, and Philips.

What is the meaning of aerogen?

[ âr′ə-jən, -jĕn′ ] n. A gas-producing microorganism.

Are aerogen syringes sterile?

This is a single patient use device not to be used on more than one patient to prevent cross infection. The components and accessories of the Aerogen Solo System, as packaged, are not sterile.

How do I change my aerogen to continuous?

4 Press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds from the off position to select the continuous mode. Aerogen’s recommended input rate of medication into the Aerogen Solo during continuous nebulisation is up to a maximum of 12 mL per hour.

How do you fill an aerogen syringe?

Use another syringe to draw up the medication with a needle or needleless connector and with the plunger pulled back on the Aerogen syringe insert the medication through the cap end of the Aerogen syringe. The syringe is usually filled with medication by pharmacy and provided to the clinician to deliver the therapy.

What is Aerogen Solo?

The Aerogen Solo Nebulizer System is a portable medical device for single patient use that is intended to aerosolize physician-prescribed solutions for inhalation to patients on and off ventilation or other positive pressure breathing assistance.

How to give nebulizer with oxygen?

Nebulizers use oxygen, compressed air or ultrasonic power to break up solutions and suspensions into small aerosol droplets that can be directly inhaled from the mouthpiece of the device.

How to use and care for your nebulizer?

Proper care prevents infection. Clean and disinfect your asthma nebulizer equipment. Cover the compressor with a clean cloth when not in use. Keep it clean by wiping it with a clean, damp cloth as needed. Don’t put the air compressor on the floor either for treatments or for storage.

How to use your inhaler or nebulizer?

The basic steps to set up and use your nebulizer are as follows: Wash your hands well. Connect the hose to an air compressor. Fill the medicine cup with your prescription. Attach the hose and mouthpiece to the medicine cup. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Breathe through your mouth until all the medicine is used. Turn off the machine when done.