What is Aegrotat request?

What is Aegrotat request?

17.2 An aegrotat or special examination in the following examination period may be granted to a student who has been prevented from taking the preceding examination or has been unable to complete the examination as a result of: • illness on the day of or immediately before or during the examination, provided that the …

How much is an Aegrotat exam?

The prescribed examination fee is R140. 00 (One Hundred and Forty Rand).

What happens if you missed exam at Unisa?

Unisa cannot be held liable for any examinations missed as a result of the aforementioned. Students will either have to apply for a deferment in terms of Rule 17 or re-register if the missed examination had been a second examination opportunity. The university will not make special exam arrangements in such cases.

Will Unisa 2022 exams be online?

The upcoming January 2022 to February 2022 online exams are due to start early this year. We encourage all students to start studying and prepare for the online exams. Most modules will require you to have a device (smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop) and data to ensure that you successfully write the exams.

What is a special examination?

SPECIAL EXAMINATIONS A Special Examination is any examination other than the regular or Supplemental Examinations, and it may be offered only with the permission of the Dean of the Faculty in which the student is registered, in consultation with the instructor and Department Chair.

What is a conceded pass?

A conceded pass is a pass given to a failed enrolment, which enables the student to complete a bachelor’s degree, undergraduate diploma of 240 points or more, or Part (where a degree is in parts).

What is SBL fees at Unisa?

For the DBL there is a once off non-refundable administration fee of R2500. Paying an application fee does not mean that your application will be successful. The application fee may be paid by electronic fund transfer (EFT)/credit card or cash deposit at your nearest bank. Note that Unisa SBL is a cashless environment.

When can I apply for Aegrotat?

Applicants have 10 days from the date of the examination to apply for an aegrotat. Please, remember that if you have begun an MCQ examination and you are experiencing load-shedding during your MCQ assessment, you can as well apply for aegrotat by submitting your application to the email address: [email protected]..

What is pass mark at Unisa?

UNISA requires an average mark of 50% for a pass. DURATION OF EXAMINATION. The scheduled duration of each paper is 3 hours.

What percentage is a distinction at Unisa?

24.3 A qualification is passed “with distinction” when a student has: 24.3. 1 passed all modules for the qualification at Unisa; and 24.3. 2 passed all final level modules at the first attempt; and 24.3. 3 attained an overall average of 75% in the qualification.

What is the pass mark for Unisa exams?

UNISA requires an average mark of 50% for a pass.

Does Nsfas pay for supplementary exams at Unisa?

Hello Leonard, no NSFAS does not pay for your supplementary exam fee.