What is a workshop technology?

What is a workshop technology?

This module unit is designed to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes in engineering production processes with emphasis on high quality finishing processes when using machine tools, and varied engineering materials.

What is the concept of workshop practice?

Workshop practise gives the basic working knowledge required for the production of various engineering products. • It explains the construction, function, use and application of different working tools, equipment, machines as well as the technique of manufacturing a product from its raw material.

What are the basic workshop processes?

Drilling, Boring, Planning, Shaping, Sawing, Milling, Grinding,Slotting, etc. These processes are used for joining metal parts and in general fabrication work.

What is a workshop in engineering?

engineering workshop means a workshop engaged in the design, manufacture, erection, commissioning and servicing of electrical and mechanical equipment and machinery; Sample 1.

What is the purpose of a workshop?

A workshop can introduce a new concept, spurring participants to investigate it further on their own, or can demonstrate and encourage the practice of actual methods. It’s a great way to teach hands-on skills because it offers participants a chance to try out new methods and fail in a safe situation.

What kind of workshops are there?

Types of Workshops

  • Round Robin – Early draft (30 minute workshop):
  • Round Robin – Second draft (45-60 minute workshop):
  • Small Group (30 – 60 minute workshop depending on size of group and focus):
  • Partners (15 – 30 minute workshop depending on length of paper):

What are the tools used in workshop?

Workshop Tools, Their Uses And How They’re Maintained

  • Cutting Tools. You could use ordinary scissors, box cutters, and a hacksaw.
  • Grabbing and Clamping Tools.
  • Lifting Equipment.
  • Measuring Tools.
  • Writing Tools.
  • Hammers and Mallets.
  • Screwdrivers and Fasteners.
  • Zip Ties and Duct Tape.

What are workshop tools?

Workshop Tools are used for all heavy-duty woodworking and metalworking applications. The Workshop Power Tools range includes products such as Band Saws, Pillar Drills and Planer Thicknessers as well as Air Tools and Compressors for automotive projects.

What is the scope of workshop technology in engineering?

Scope of subject “Workshop Technology” in engineering. Different shop activities and broad division of the shops on the basis of nature of work done such as. Wooden Fabrication (Carpentry) Metal Fabrication (shaping and Forming, Smithy, Sheet metal and Joining-welding, Rivetting,Fitting and Plumbing.