What is a VHS-2?

What is a VHS-2?

The VHS-2 is a bullpup assault rifle designed and manufactured by Croatian firearms company HS-Produkt . The VHS-2 is an updated version of the VHS assault rifle.

What is the valuevhs-2?

VHS-2 is a fully ambidextrous 5.56 NATO caliber assault rifle. Designed on bullpup modular platform it maintain all the ballistic benefits of a longer barrel in a shorter package without sacrificing overall length, accuracy and muzzle velocity. The polymer receiver is equipped with an 5 point adjustable buttstock.

What is the effective range of the VHS-2?

VHS-2 is coming in two different versions: VHS-2D 500 mm barrel lenght designated marksman version with effective range up to 800 m and VHS-2K 410 mm barrel lenght standard base version.

What are the features of VHS magazines?

Magazines are made of durable polymer with semi transparent pattern and 30 rounds capacity allowing the operator to quickly view the ammunition count without removing the magazine. VHS-2 uses proved short-stroke gas piston operating system with rotating bolt. The rifle can fit VHS-BG 40 mm single shot grenade launcher under the barrel.