What is a supraclavicular flap?

What is a supraclavicular flap?

The supraclavicular flap is a perforant pedicled fasciocutaneous flap with a relia- ble axial pattern, based on the supraclavi- cular artery. It is centered over the shoulder joint, extending from the supra- clavicular region up to the lateral surface of the upper arm, overlying the deltoid muscle.

Where is the supraclavicular artery?

The supraclavicular artery is located in a triangle delineated by the posterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle medially, the external jugular vein posteriorly, and the median portion of the clavicle anteriorly. Two venae comitantes accompany the supraclavicular artery.

What is supraclavicular nerve?

The supraclavicular nerve is a superficial sensory nerve that crosses the clavicle and provides sensation over the clavicle, anteromedial shoulder, and proximal chest [5, 8].

Why is there a flap in my cheek?

First, there are some normal bumps that you can fill in your mouth. One of those is a flap found on the side of your cheek. This little pad or flap covers the place where saliva comes out from the parotid gland, a salivary gland in the cheek. This is called parotid papilla.

Where is your subclavian artery?

The subclavian arteries lie just below the clavicles, providing blood supply to the bilateral upper extremities with contributions to the head and neck. The right subclavian artery derives from the brachiocephalic trunk, while the left subclavian artery originates directly from the aortic arch.

What is a supraclavicular artery island flap?

Supraclavicular artery island flap. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS Indications The supraclavicular flap is a thin, axial, fasciocutaneous flap that may be used for reconstruction of tracheal-stomal, mandible, intra-oral, parotid, neck (eg.

What is a supraclavicular flap reconstruction?

Supraclavicular Flap Reconstruction in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery Free flaps have been considered as the gold standard for reconstruction of head and neck region after ablative oncologic surgery.

What is the supraclavicular skin?

Purpose: The supraclavicular skin is thin and pliable; it closely resembles that of the neck and facial skin, making it the perfect source of tissue for neck and orofacial reconstructions.

Should pedicled flaps be used in head and neck reconstruction?

Free flaps have been considered as the gold standard for reconstruction of head and neck region after ablative oncologic surgery. However, the reconstructive surgeon’s armamentarium should also involve pedicled flaps for certain situations such as patients having comorbid diseases necessiating short …