What is a space Regainer?

What is a space Regainer?

The Space Regainer is similar to the Space Maintainer, but is spring loaded. This appliance is used to regain space when the first molar has already begun to drift into the space left by the primary molar.

What is space maintenance in orthodontics?

A space maintainer is an orthodontic appliance made out of metal or acrylic material that is custom-made by dentists to hold a space for permanent teeth when children prematurely lose their baby teeth.

How do you create an orthodontic space?


What is pseudo class 3 malocclusion?

Pseudo-Class III malocclusion is characterized by the presence of an anterior crossbite due to a forward functional displacement of the mandible; in most cases, the maxillary incisors present some degree of retroclination, and the mandibular incisors are proclined.

What is bluegrass appliance?

Used as an alternative to traditional habit breaking appliances, this fixed appliance utilizes a Teflon roller that spins on a support wire to distract the patient from thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.

What is space maintenance?

SPACE MAINTENANCE IN THE PRIMARY DENTITION Space maintenance can be defined as the provision of an appliance (active or passive )which is concerned only with the control of space loss without taking into consideration measures to supervise the development of dentition.

What is the best space maintainer?

Hence it is rightly quoted that primary teeth serve as best space maintainers for permanent dentition.

What is proximal stripping?

Proximal stripping is carried out using of metallic abrasive strip, safe sided carborundum disk, or with long thin tapered fissure burs with air rotor. The use of rotary cutting instrument can harm the pulp by exposure of mechanical vibration and heat generation (in some cases).

What is leeway space dental?

Leeway space is the difference in size of the mesiodistal crown widths of the primary canines and molars compared with that of their permanent successors (canine, first and second premolars; Figure 1).

Are space regainers effective in the treatment of mixed dentition?

Space regainers were somehow effective in distalizing the maxillary and mandibular first permanent molars and thus contributing to the resolution of mild to moderate crowding in the mixed dentition. However, considering the low evidence provided by this systematic review, high-quality studies are needed.

What is a space regainer made of?

from the free end spring type of space regainer. It consists buccolingually and an acrylic block that is split buccolingually. for tooth movement. The activator portion of the split block

What are the different types of removable space regainers?

Goodale described three types of removable space regainers. acrylic base of the appliance. At certain intervals of time, the free the tooth. A light force on the tooth to be moved is desired. The to maintain the light force on the molar. The type of loop spring position of the tooth and the distance it needs to be moved. [3] appliance.

What is a jackscrew space regainer?

Jackscrew space regainer • The jackscrew space regainer is used to recover the loss of space caused by tooth drift into an edentulous area. • It uses 2 adjacent teeth & a threaded shaft with a screw & a locknut.