What is a performance test plan?

What is a performance test plan?

The Performance Test plan outlines in detail the objectives, scope, and approach for the Performance Test. Its purpose is to describe the process to be used to verify that new or changed components meet the pre-determined performance requirements. The changed components could be either software or hardware related.

What are the parts of performance testing?

Seven Performance Testing Steps

  • Identify the testing environment.
  • Identify performance metrics.
  • Plan and design performance tests.
  • Configure the test environment.
  • Implement your test design.
  • Execute tests.
  • Analyze, report, retest.

What are the two major requirements in the performance testing?

Performance Testing Attributes:

  • Speed: It determines whether the software product responds rapidly.
  • Scalability: It determines amount of load the software product can handle at a time.
  • Stability: It determines whether the software product is stable in case of varying workloads.
  • Reliability:

How many types are there in performance testing?

There are 5 main types of performance testing.

How do you write a performance test plan?

The Performance Test Plan should cover the following areas:

  1. entry and exit criteria;
  2. environment requirements, along with dependencies and constraints, load injectors, and test tools used in the process of testing;

What are the 5 most important components in test plan?

Test Plan Identifier, Introduction, Test Items, Features To Be Tested, Features Not To Be Tested, Approach, Item Pass/Fail Criteria, Suspension Criteria And Resumption Requirements, Test Deliverables, Testing Tasks, Environmental Needs, Responsibilities, Staffing And Training Needs, Schedule, Risks And Contingencies.

What are the steps involved in test plan?

Creating a Test Plan involves the following steps:

  • Product Analysis.
  • Designing Test Strategy.
  • Defining Objectives.
  • Establish Test Criteria.
  • Planning Resource Allocation.
  • Planning Setup of Test Environment.
  • Determine test schedule and estimation.
  • Establish Test Deliverables.

Which one is correct type of performance testing?

Load testing is sort of the simplest form of performance testing. You induce a normal or expected workload to a system under test and observe it. You can use load tests to determine general system behavior, latency and throughput. In general load tests are used to verify your quality criteria.

Which of the following come under the basic requirements of a performance test plan?

So, let’s get started:

  • Background & Objective.
  • Entry Criteria for Performance Testing.
  • Test Scope.
  • Test Approach & Schedule.
  • Assumptions.
  • Risks & Contingencies.
  • Required Resources & Environmental Configuration.
  • Suspension and Resumption Criteria.

What are two types of tools that can be used for performance testing?

The top 9 performance testing tools which are used widely by performance testing services in 2021 and their key features are as follows:

  • WebLOAD.
  • LoadNinja.
  • LoadView.
  • StresStimulus.
  • Apache JMeter.
  • SmartMeter.io.
  • Rational Performance Tester.
  • Silk Performer.

What is performance testing example?

Performance testing is a testing measure that evaluates the speed, responsiveness and stability of a computer, network, software program or device under a workload. Organizations will run performance tests in order to identify performance-related bottlenecks.

What inputs are required for planning performance testing?

Here are five performance testing prerequisites:

  • determine a suitable software candidate;
  • clarify performance goals;
  • create meaningful test cases;
  • use suitable performance testing tools; and.
  • mimic the production environment.

What is a performance test plan document?

Performance Test Plan document is written at a later stage in the project when the requirements and design documents are almost frozen. The Performance Test Plan document has all the details of the schedule to implement the strategy or Approach which was described during the Requirement Analysis Phase.

Are performance testing strategies and performance testing plans the same thing?

Most users mix up performance testing strategies with a performance testing plan, but reality, they are not the same thing. A performance test plan can be the part of the strategy, as it gives a detailed overview of the scope, approach, and objectives of running the test. So, here’s typically how performance testing plans are written.

How to do performance testing in Stage 2 of software testing?

In stage two, you must determine the software’s current features. Plus, you have to learn what performance testing types should be applied first. For instance, you might keep load testing first and then move onto spike testing. However, it will depend on the knowledge of the tester and developer.

How to execute performance testing effectively?

To execute Performance Testing effectively, a detailed Performance Test Plan document should be prepared. It includes all the activities to be done during performance testing, prerequisites before starting performance testing and exit criteria. A standard Performance Test Plan template has below mentioned sections.