What is a Norwegian Fjord horse?

What is a Norwegian Fjord horse?

Sunnyside LIVE! The Norwegian Fjord is one of the world’s oldest and purest breed of horses. Hundreds of herds of wild Fjords existed in Norway after the last ice age, where they migrated and were domesticated more than 4,000 years ago.

Are all Fjord horses dun?

All Fjord horses are dun; therefore they are homozygous or nearly so for dun colouration. No equine coat colour genetics studies have been done specifically on Fjord horses. But, if Fjord horses were not homozygous for the dun gene, then a dark-coloured, non-dun individual could occasionally occur in the breed.

How old is the Norwegian fjord?

At Viking burial sites, archaeological excavations indicate that the Fjord has been selectively bred for at least 2,000 years. Having lived in a small, isolated region for so long, the Norwegian Fjord is a relatively unknown breed to most people in the world.

What are the colours of the fjordhorse?

The basic wild colours are brown dun, red (chestnut) dun and grey. In addition, uls dun and yellow dun are genuine colours of the breed. At the annual general meeting of Norges Fjordhestlag in 1980, it was agreed upon and decided that these five colours shall be acknowledged as the genuine and typical colours of the Fjordhorse.

What is a NJAL horse?

These spots are called “Njal marks” after one of the foundation sires of the contemporary Fjord horse, who had such markings. Fjord horses are also consistent for having pangare traits: lighter hair on the muzzle, belly, inside of legs, and over the eyes.

What is a fjord horse evaluator?

As the Fjord evolves, highly trained Fjord Horse evaluators (judges) keep a keen eye on horse conformation, movement and temperament to assist owners and breeders in identifying both desirable and undesirable characteristics of the breed.