What is a mix in Mixel?

What is a mix in Mixel?

” A Mix is when two Mixels combine with each other to help them in different situations. Combine two Mixels and get twice the power. The first Mixel will be the dominant character or controller of the Mix, while the other Mixel will give it extra powers to help solve a particular problem.

What is the Order of the Mixel games?

Mixel 1 Mixel 2 Flain Seismo Flain Vulk Flain Shuff Flain Teslo

What are Legos Mixels?

Lego Mixels is a Lego theme based on a variety of tribes living in a fantastical diverse world and are small creatures that can mix and combine with one another to create new characters. The theme was first introduced in 2014.

What is a mix in Mixel Moon Madness?

Cartoon Mixes involving two members of the same tribe first appeared in Mixel Moon Madness, as seen with the Burnard & Meltus Mix. Mixels of opposite ability tribes have less Mix variations, like Frosticon and Infernite Mixes and Flexer and Electroid Mixes.

Can you mix Mixels in Mixels Rush?

Mixels without official Mix instructions on the LEGO website are instead packaged with a Nixel. Mixes between nearly any two Mixels are possible to be made in Mixels Rush. As shown in A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, Mixels can Mix with more than two other Mixels, even if they are not part of the same tribe.

Who are the characters in Mixels Series 1?

Characters Mixels Series 1 Infernites. Flain (voiced by Tom Kenny): a smart and brave Mixel with a head prone to fire. Vulk (voiced by Jess Harnell): a dim-witted but lovable Mixel with super-heated fingers. Zorch (voiced by David P. Smith): a super-speedy prankster aided by his fiery jet boosters. Cragsters

Who controls the voice of the Mixel?

The dominant Mixel controls the voice. Most of the time, the dominant Mixel is the one whose appearance is factors into the Mix the most. The first Mix that appeared in cartoon form was the Seismo & Zorch Mix in Coconapple. Kraw has the most cartoon Mixes, having fifteen in total.