What is a lattice top pie?

What is a lattice top pie?

Lattice pie crust is weaved pie dough. Strips of dough lay on top of pie filling, layered over and under one another to create a basket weave appearance. Not only is latticing a beautiful way to decorate a pie, the holes between the strips allow steam to escape.

What is lattice in baking?

Lattice pastry is a pastry used in a criss-crossing pattern of strips in the preparation of various foods. The openings between the lattice allows fruit juices in pie fillings to evaporate during the cooking process, which can caramelize the filling.

When would you use a lattice crust?

Use this lattice topping for apple pie, peach pie, blueberry pie, or other favorite pies. A woven lattice pie crust can make a homemade pie look so pretty. As intimidating as it might look to the non-weavers among us, weaving a lattice top pie crust is actually quite easy to do.

What is lattice crust definition?

Lattice-crust meaning A pastry crust of overlapping, crisscrossed strips of dough placed on the tops of pies or tarts.

Who invented lattice pie?

The great heyday of this kind of pastry trellis work lasted from the second half of the sixteenth century to the first half of the eighteenth. The practice almost certainly had its origins in a burgeoning fashion for knotted strapwork ornament inaugurated by Mannerist architects such as Sebastiano Serlio (1475-1554).

How do you cut a pie into 6 pieces?

Step 2 — Place a long serrated knife across the pie and press gently to cut through the edges of the crust. You’re just scoring the pie and marking the top, not cutting all the way through. Step 3 — Wipe the knife with each press to keep the cream as neat as possible. Repeat to score the pie into six slices.

How do I make a lattice pie crust?

Instructions Add flour, sugar, and butter to a food processor. Divide the dough into two even balls. Remove pie dough from the refrigerator. Roll out the second dough ball for your lattice crust. Lay your first layer of five parallel pie dough strips on top of the filling, longest strip in the middle, and shorter strips toward the edges.

What is a lattice cutter?

A lattice cutter is a kitchen tool which is designed to help cooks create neat, even lattices for lattice-topped pastry such as pies. There are two different types of lattice cutters.

What is a lattice multiplication?

Lattice multiplication, also known as gelusia multiplication, sieve multiplication, shabakh, Venetian squares, or the Chinese lattice, is a method of multiplication that uses a lattice to multiply two multi-digit numbers.

What is a lattice crust?

lattice crust. A pastry crust of overlapping, crisscrossed strips of dough placed on the tops of pies or tarts.