What is a HP MSA?

What is a HP MSA?

The Hewlett-Packard Modular Smart Array 2040 (HP MSA 2040) is a rack-mountable storage array for enterprise SAN environments. It is designed to be part of a modular SAN, and supports virtualization with features such as automated tiering, volume copy and virtualized snapshot services.

How do I turn off HP MSA?

To perform a shut down: Perform one of the following: In the banner, click the system panel and select Restart System. In the System topic, select Action > Restart System. The Controller Restart and Shut Down panel opens.

How do I access HPE MSA?

Using the CLI port and cable – Known issues on Windows

  1. From the Windows Control Panel, select Device Manager.
  2. Connect using the USB COM port and Detect Carrier Loss option. Select Connect To > Connect using: > pick a COM port from the list.
  3. Set network port IP addresses using the CLI (For procedure see above)

What is the difference between MSA 2060 and 2062?

ere are no physical differences between the 2060 and 2062 models and both are offered with 12 LFF or 24 SFF hot-swap drive bays supporting SAS3 and Midline SAS (ML-SAS) HDDs and SAS3 SSDs. These support from 12 to 120 disks and are designed to provide faster rebuild times and improved performance.

What is a key distinguishing feature of HPE MSA gen6 arrays?

HPE MSA Gen 6 features include: This feature boosts delivered performance by 2 – 4x compared to hard disk drive (HDD)-only configurations and allows the array to respond to changing workloads utilizing a small number of solid state drives (SSDs).

How do I connect to MSA 2050?

To connect the MSA 2050 array to a remote management host, connect an RJ-45 Ethernet cable from theEthernet network management port on each MSA 2050 controller to a switch that users management host canaccess (Preferably on the same subnet).

What enhancements were added in HPE Gen 6?

HPE MSA Gen 6 features include:

  • Hands-free tiering that delivers workload efficiency with improved performance and lower latencies.
  • A new level of in-array data protection with the new MSA Data Protection Plus (MSA DP+).
  • Improved MSA Health Check tool that eliminates common causes of downtime.

What is the HPE MSA 2062 storage array?

The HPE MSA 2062 gives you the combination of simplicity, flexibility and advanced features you many not expect in an entry-priced storage array. Starting with 3.84 TB of embedded flash capacity, you can scale the system from there with any combination of solid state disks (SSD), high-performance Enterprise SAS HDDs, or lower-cost Midline SAS HDDs.

What is HPE MSA SAN storage solution?

This cloud-based tool searches sensor data for known issues, adherence to best practices, and more, which maximizes availability, improves user experience, and slashes local management overhead. No matter the demand, now and in the future, there is an HPE MSA SAN Storage Solution for your needs.

What is the performance of HPE MSA 2050 storage?

The HPE MSA 2050 SAN Storage performs at 200,000 IOPS delivering affordable application acceleration for small to medium-sized businesses both local and remote. Flexible base model delivers 2X more performance than the previous generation HPE MSA 2040 SAN Storage for the same price.

What is the HPE MSA 1060 storage?

The HPE MSA 1060 Storage brings affordable flash storage down to the most price sensitive customers. Designed to meet entry-level storage requirements, the HPE MSA 1060 Storage is a good fit for budget constrained customers.