What is a honorary dame?

What is a honorary dame?

An honorary award is one made to a person who is not a citizen of a Commonwealth realm. He or she cannot use the pre-nominal style of ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’, but can use the post-nominal letters (after their names), subject to the prevailing conventions in his or her own country.

How do you get the title Dame?

dame, properly a name of respect or a title equivalent to lady, surviving in English as the legal designation for the wife or widow of a baronet or knight or for a dame of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire; it is prefixed to the given name and surname.

Can a CMG be called Sir?

Alternate titles: C.M.G., D.C.M.G., G.C.M.G., K.C.M.G. Conferment of the two highest classes of the order entails admission into knighthood, if the candidate is not already a knight or dame, and the right to the title of “Sir” or “Dame” as appropriate.

What’s the difference between a dame and a baroness?

A dame is a lady, or is supposed to be. Baroness is just a fancy way of spelling “bareness”.

What’s the difference between a lady and a dame?

Lady is a courtesy title for the wife of a knight or baronet and daughters of nobles. A dame is an earned honor, the female equivalent of a knighthood.

What’s the male equivalent to a dame?

For recognised meritorious service to the community a woman is awarded a damehood, which accords her the same kudos, not to mention security and freedom as a knighthood gives a knight, so she could be said to be delighted in place of knighted! The male equivalent to a dame is a major domo.

What does CMG mean after a name?

Ranks in the Order are Knight or Dame Grand Cross (GCMG), Knight or Dame Commander (KCMG or DCMG) and Companion (CMG). Order of the Companions Honour. This is awarded for service of conspicuous national importance and is limited to 65 people. Recipients are entitled to put the initials CH after their name.

What is the difference between a Dame and a baroness?

What is the star of a knight or Dame Grand Cross?

Star of a Knight or Dame Grand Cross. The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George is a British order of chivalry founded on 28 April 1818 by George, Prince Regent, later King George IV, while he was acting as regent for his father, King George III.

What is the post-nominal for Knights Grand Cross?

Knights and Dames Grand Cross use the post-nominal “GCMG”. Knights Commanders and Dames Commanders use “KCMG” and “DCMG” respectively.

What is a Knights and Dames Grand Cross service?

New Knights and Dames Grand Cross are ‘installed’ at these services (this means that they are officially appointed and make an oath of loyalty to the Sovereign). The Sovereign and the Knights and Dames Grand Cross have stalls in the choir ‘s area of the chapel.

How do you wear the Grand Cross in the Army?

Knights/Dames Grand Cross wear it on a sash, passing from the right shoulder to the left hip. Knights Commanders and male Companions wear the badge from a ribbon around the neck. Dames Commanders and female Companions wear it from a bow on the left shoulder.