What is a Hastelloy material?

What is a Hastelloy material?

Hastelloy: Hastelloy is a corrosion-resistant nickel alloy that contains other chemical elements such as chromium and molybdenum. This material has high temperature resistance and exceptional corrosion resistance. Hastelloy C276 is one of the grades of Hastelloy used in the oil and gas industry.

What is the difference between Monel and Hastelloy?

Unlike Hastelloy which contains several other elements in its chemical composition, most monel alloys contain nickel between 60% to 70% in their chemistry. In comparison to monel, Hastelloy has lesser nickel in its chemistry, which makes monel the more expensive metal in comparison to the former.

Is Hastelloy corrosion resistant?

Hastelloy X is a solid-solution-strengthened nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy that combines good oxidation resistance, high-temperature strength and exceptional stress-corrosion resistance which makes this alloy also interesting for petrochemical applications.

Is Mon El stronger than steel?

— Monel is commonly used in applications with highly corrosive conditions. However, with much greater strength due to gamma prime formation during aging, Monel is typically much more expensive than stainless steel.

What is Hastelloy c22?

Hastelloy® C-22 is a most versatile nickel-chromium-molybdenum-tungsten alloy with improved resistance to both uniform and localized corrosion as well to a wide variety of mixed industrial chemicals.

What is the use of Hastelloy?

Hastelloy has good corrosion resistance and thermal stability, and is mostly used in aviation and chemical fields. Hastelloy is a nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloy, which is mainly divided into two categories: nickel-chromium alloy and nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy.

What is the difference between Hastelloy G and B2 B3?

“G” and “X” Hastelloys have significant molybdenum content, in the same general range found in a 625 alloy. “B-2” and “B-3” are upgrades of Hastelloy B, with Hastelloy B-3 having improved thermal stability and resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

What is the composition of Hastelloy X?

HASTELLOY G-30 Nickel-based alloy with high chromium content, excellent performance in phosphoric acid and other strong oxidizing mixed acid media. HASTELLOY X combines the characteristics of high strength, oxidation resistance and easy processing.

What is Hastelloy casting specification?

Casting Specification Data was from Volume 01.02, same edition. This basic group of Hastelloy products is tailored for use in specific highly corrosive environments. They are widely used in various acid services in the chemical process industries.