What is a grabboid?

What is a grabboid?

The name “Grabboid” was invented by the shop owner character in the first film, Tremors, Walter Chang; who was subsequently eaten by one. Some of the other names that were considered for the Graboid by Melvin and Walter included ” Snakeoids “, ” Suckers “, ” Suckoids ” or ” Mega-Worms “.

Were Graboids ever active in the past?

During Tremors 5: Bloodlines, a cave is shown with caveman paintings of Graboids, showing that the species had been active in caveman times as well, enough to have paintings made of them.

Are grabgraboids cannibals?

Graboids are shown to be ravenous carnivores, always on the hunt for food. Indiscriminate eaters, their diet includes but is not limited to sheep, cattle, horses, donkeys, coyotes, and even humans. They are known to be cannibalistic when the opportunity presents itself; El Blanco consumed an Ass Blaster in Tremors 3.

Are the Graboids the creatures of legend?

The Graboids seemed to have surfaced enough times in the past thousand years (possibly during an earlier hatching cycle) for them to pass into the traditions of local native American tribes as Tecopa asserts, he seems to ascribe the Graboids’ predations to being these creatures of legend.