What is a good 55 meter time?

What is a good 55 meter time?

As a coach of 11 years and an Athlete of 20+ years. You running 7.73 seconds in the 55m as a sophomore tells me you are still in the developmental stage. If you are competing. You should be able to tell if 7.73 seconds is good or not.

What is a good time for hurdles?

net’s database, the fastest time from the 2019 season so far is a 13.36 by senior, Alia Armstrong with the top 25 ranging from this through 14.06. As these are the best in the nation, I’d say that a “good” time would be 15–16 seconds, allowing you to place top 3 in the average track meet.

What is a good 60 meter hurdle time?

It is equivalent with the first 60 metres including the first 5 hurdles of a standard outdoor hurdle race. The current women’s and men’s world records are 7.68 seconds (Susanna Kallur) and 7.29 seconds (Grant Holloway), respectively.

What is a good 400m hurdle time?

The best male athletes can run the 400 m hurdles in a time of around 46 seconds, while the best female athletes achieve a time of around 52 seconds.

How long is a 55 in track?

In the 1980s efforts were made to switch track and field in the United States to used metric measurements and the 55 metres was adopted as a close equivalent to 60 yards.

What is a good 50 meter sprint time?

50m Sprint

Excellent Average
Girls 8.1 or less 8.9-8.7
Boys 7.57 or less 8.4-7.86

What is a good 100 meter hurdle time?

Good high school male male sprinters can run the 100 meter in under the low 11 or high 10 second range The average high school athlete kid (football player or basketball player) can probably run it in around 12–13 seconds. A high school boy who does no sports would likely be around 14–15 seconds.

What is a good high school hurdle time?

High School – Men’s 110m Hurdles 39″ Rankings

1. 11 13.32PR
2. 12 13.33 (1.4)PR
3. 12 13.35 (.0)
4. 12 13.36 (-.6)PR

Is 8 seconds good for 60m?

An average time for a high school varsity 60m dash is about 7-8 seconds. Now, with that being said, you have some work to do. That’s totally okay for you, because you’re new to this. That time is fine for a newbie because anyone that was good at anything, started out sucking at it.

Is 7 seconds good for 60m?

If you are in your prime running age then you should be able to do it in about 7 second to be considered as a pretty good sprinter.

Is 56 a good 400m time?

55 to 58 sec could be a decent time. You should run 400m within 1 minute always. Top athletes run 400m within 45-46 seconds. If you reach to the 45 seconds mark, you can get an entry in Olympic games.

Is 47 seconds a good 400m time?

Scrounging around the internet, for men, a 55 second time is high school JV level, a 51 second time is about varsity level, and around 47 seconds you’re an elite 400m high school runner.