What is a gimbal ratchet used for?

What is a gimbal ratchet used for?

The Gimbal Ratchet design allows the ratchet head to rotate on two planes, providing easier access for the end user. The 72-tooth ratcheting mechanism provides a five-degree swing arc and allows technicians to spin fasteners on and off in hard-to-reach areas where it’s difficult to use a standard ratchet.

What is a 3/8 spin disc?

Built of strong chrome vanadium with a beautiful mirror finish, this handy 3/8” Drive 24-tooth spin ratchet allows you to quickly loosen or tighten a fastener with one hand. Just spin the disk on the back of the ratchet head to turn the socket quickly, saving time as you loosen or tighten that nut or bolt.

What is a thumbwheel ratchet?

Product Overview Thumbwheel ratchets are designed to reach tight spaces where standard ratchets won’t fit. Each tool in this ratchet set features a reversing thumb lever with a no-slip knurled grip for better performance. Designed to reach tight spaces where standard ratchets won’t fit.

What is a spinner handle used for?

Spinner handles allow you to create a set of space-saving nut drivers, although spinners with sockets lack the through-hole shafts that nut drivers often feature for spinning nuts onto long bolts or threaded shafts.

What are Thumbwheels?

Definition of thumbwheel : a control for various devices consisting of a partially exposed wheel that can be turned by moving the exposed edge with a finger.

Are Palm ratchets good?

Palm ratchets are compact and allow you to work in tight spaces, and also pack up tightly, making them great for portable tool sets. These aren’t high-torque tools, but they do work very nicely with screwdriver bits, and can be a problem-solver for reaching fasteners other ratchets might have difficult accessing.

What is a Nutsetter?

A nutsetter is a power tool accessory designed to fasten metal and self-tapping screws. Hex nutsetters (sometimes referred to as standard nutsetters) drive fasteners using the corners to drive. Too much pressure on the corners however, can result in corner stripping.

What is a ratchet thumb?