What is a field of study restriction?

What is a field of study restriction?

Field of Study Restriction Error Major departments place restrictions on some sections of their courses. As a result, certain sections of a course are reserved for a particular major. Students admitted into the One-Year Accessories Design, or any other major will not be able to register for section 101 of this course.

How do you get a permit at USF?

Permit requests for non-degree seeking or transient students are granted on a space available basis in the Muma College of Business….In the body of the email include:

  1. Name and USF student ID number (U#).
  2. Phone number and email address.
  3. Prefix and number (e.g. ACG 2071) of the course(s) for which a permit is desired.

How many different living styles are offered at USF?

four styles

What does USF look for in applicants?

High school GPAs for the middle 50 percent of freshman admitted in Fall 2019 were between 4.1- 4.4. For determining admissibility to USF, we will recalculate your high school GPA based on grades earned in high school only in core academic subject areas, as well as specified AP and IB fine and performing arts courses.

How many levels of severity does USF have for academic integrity violations?

Violations for USF undergraduate Students are classified into four (4) levels according to the nature of the infraction. For each level of violation a corresponding set of academic sanctions is recommended; however, specific academic programs may include additional and different academic sanctions.

Can freshmen have cars at USF?

Many of our residents bring cars with them to campus. There are designated lots around campus for resident students. Each car must have a valid permit on display to park on campus. You can learn more about USF’s student organizations here.

What is the name of the USF shuttle system?

Bull Runner

What is the name of the document that outlines the USF guidelines for appropriate conduct?

USF Code of Conduct

How much is a USF parking permit?


Permit Rate
Park-n-Ride – Annual $59.00
Motorcycle – Annual $62.00
Vendor – Annual $356.00
Friend of USF – Annual $290.00