What is a fancy word for scared?

What is a fancy word for scared?

1 scared, fearful, disquieted, apprehensive, timid, timorous.

How do you scream in a text?

Depends what the scream sounds like, but “aaaah!” is probably the most common and should be understood by anyone. Add extra “aaa” for how long it lasts.

What is the meaning of whisper?

1 : to speak softly with little or no vibration of the vocal cords especially to avoid being overheard. 2 : to make a sibilant sound that resembles whispering. transitive verb. 1 : to address in a whisper. 2 : to utter or communicate in or as if in a whisper.

What does whisper mean in warzone?

join game

What does 2 L’s mean?

Noun. two L (plural two Ls) A law student in his or her second year of law school.

What does Capabillities mean?

ability to sing well

What are some spooky words?

Some of the most spooky Halloween related words are associated with hauntings and other paranormal experiences.

  • apparition.
  • enchanted.
  • ghost.
  • ghostly.
  • ghoulish.
  • goblin.
  • haunted house.
  • haunting.

How do you convey nervousness in writing?

Here are a couple more suggestions you might find interesting on how to express nervousness in writing:

  1. have one’s heart in one’s mouth (or throat)
  2. have one’s heart pounding (or pulse racing), as in:
  3. butterflies in one’s stomach.

What is the meaning of L?

L is the twelfth letter of the English alphabet. A large red ‘L’ on a white background is attached to cars in which people are learning to drive. 3. L or l is used as an abbreviation for words beginning with l, such as ‘litre’ and ‘lire’.

What is whispered sentence?

Play, he whispered into her ear. Everybody loved her, and this was the first time she had whispered that day. Her heart pounding, Jenn moved forward and whispered into Jonny’s ear. “Stay with me, and he’ll never hurt you again,” he whispered against her lips.

How do you say something is scary?


  1. alarming.
  2. chilling.
  3. creepy.
  4. eerie.
  5. hairy.
  6. intimidating.
  7. shocking.
  8. spooky.