What is a contra opportunity?

What is a contra opportunity?

What is a contra deal? A marketing contra deal is an opportunity to partner with another brand or organisation for mutual benefit.

Is contra trading legal?

David Gerald, founder of Securities Investors Association (Singapore), added: “SIAS notes that contra-trading is no longer practised in most jurisdictions. This is not likely to impact adversely on the retail investors. They need to take note of the shorter settlement period and not get caught.

What is a contra call?

Parag Parikh of Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services (PPFAS) defines a contra call like this: “When a good company’s share price falls, investors stay away for fear of loss. A true contrarian will find the latter attractive because he might get a good business for cheap.

What is a contra trade?

Contra Trade . Contra Trade means a Trade or transaction which involves buying or selling any number of shares of the Company within 6 (six) months of Trading or transacting in an opposite transaction involving selling or buying of the shares purchased or sold, as the case may be.

How does a contra deal work?

When parties decide to barter or exchange goods and/or services without cash changing hands, this is sometimes described as a ‘contra’ deal.

What is stock Contra?

Contra trading is to buy and sell the stocks within the 3 days and make money from the differences. Essentially, you are trading without putting your own money. However, if you loss, you have to pay the differences.

What is contra strategy?

Contra Market Strategies Or possibly the investor is a contrarian, meaning they prefer to buy or sell assets that go against the flow of the broader market or economy. The investor may also simply want to diversify and not hold only assets that tend to move in the same direction.

What is contra investment?

Contra funds are a type of equity fund where the fund manager bets against the prevailing Market trends by buying assets that are either depressed or under-performing at that point in time. Here, the idea is to buy assets at a lower cost than its fundamental value in the long term.

How do you trade Contra?

Contra trading is basically buying and selling of shares. Because when you buy shares right, you don’t need to make the payment until 3 days. That means on the transaction day plus 3 days later, then you can make the payment.

What is contra trade as per Sebi?

With respect to the above, you have stated that “contra trade” is not defined. under the Regulations and would mean (a) selling pledging a security within 6. months of its purchase and (b) buy the same security within 6 months of its. sale.

What is a contra payment?

A contra account makes allowances for payments in the form of products or services rather than cash.

What is barter agreement?

A barter agreement is a type of document that allows for goods, services, products, and commodities to be traded legally. After signing, you create a legally binding agreement between the parties.

What is contra market?

Contra market is a description of an action or circumstance that moves against the trend of the broad market.

What are contracontra accounts?

Contra accounts are reported on the same financial statement as the associated account. For example, a contra account to accounts receivable is a contra asset account. This type of account could be called the allowance for doubtful accounts or bad debt reserve.

What is contra revenue in accounting?

Contra Revenue Contra revenue refers to any difference between a company’s gross sales and net sales due to sales returns, allowances or discount. A contra revenue account always has a debit balance. read more account.

What is a Contra-deal for websites?

A contra-deal for websites would mean you exchange your website with their website. For example, if they own uvw.com and you own xyz.com; they want to take xyz.com and offer you uvw.com in exchange. Of course, it can be 2 or more sites; and sometimes may even contain advertising (or other methods).