What is a Canadian 25-cent coin worth?

What is a Canadian 25-cent coin worth?

Worth tens of thousands in a mint state, this coin can get you between $500 and $1,000 even in “low grade” states. This coin is often called the “Queen of Canadian Quarters” and is apparently the rarest Victoria Quarter.

What is on the Canadian 25 cents?

The caribou on a 25-cent piece dates back to 1936 when a change in the sovereign’s image on circulation currency prompted the Canadian government to modify the designs on the reverse side of coins as well. The caribou design was created by Canadian artist Emanuel Hahn and was first used in 1937.

What is the animal on the Canadian quarter?

The common name for the twenty-five cent coin is a quarter. This coin has a picture of a caribou on it. Caribou are large, strong animals. Caribou are a kind of deer.

What is a Canadian coin called?

The loonie refers to the $1 Canadian coin and derives its nickname from the picture of a solitary loon on the reverse side of the coin. The obverse side of the coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

What are the rare 25 cents?

A RARE 25 cent error coin has sold for $599 on eBay, and you could spot one in your spare change. The coin in question was a Washington quarter from 1969 that has been struck off-center and is mis-shaped. The first US President, George Washington, features on the coin, which was first released in 1932.

How many coins came into circulation in 2004?

Almost thirty million coins went into circulation in October, 2004. At the Mint Directors’ Conference (MDC) in Paris, France, the 2004 coloured poppy coin was named the Most Innovative Circulation Coin.

What is the Canadian Remembrance Day poppy coin?

Designed by Cosme Saffioti, the coin features in the middle of a maple leaf, a poppy, the symbol of remembrance of the sacrifice in World War I and other wars, is coloured in red – this was the first coloured general circulation coin in the world – and surrounded with the legend “REMEMBER SOUVENIR”, the facial value and the inscription “CANADA”.

What is a 25 cent poppy coin?

In 2004, the Royal Canadian Mint issued the 25-cent Poppy coin, the worlds first coloured circulation coin. The red poppy stamped on the reverse with pressurized ink had an innovative fluorescent security coating and quickly became a collector’s item.

What determines the value of a Canadian coin?

The value of a canadian coin depends on several factors such as quality and wear, supply and demand, rarity, finish and more. Select a date or variety to find the values and prices of all grades available. Select a date or variety to find the values and prices of all grades available.