What is a baby shower and what is it for?

What is a baby shower and what is it for?

What is a baby shower? A baby shower is basically a party which is thrown to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby. It’s also a way for friends and family to help the new parents get everything they need. After all, babies need tons of stuff, and the list can get quite expensive!

Why are baby showers called Stork parties?

They became more popular over the following decades, and they were known as “stork parties”. Baby showers became widespread — especially in the US — during and after both World Wars; they provided an opportunity for loved ones to help new parents financially after the economic hardship caused by the wars.

What is a baby shower and how to throw one?

A baby shower is one of the most traditional ways in which your loved ones come together to express their joy at your pregnancy. It’s a time for friends and family to share time with the expectant parents and to “shower” them with gifts, love, and good wishes before the birth.

Where can I have a baby shower?

There are many other places to have a baby shower. You can do a quick Google search to look for popular baby shower venues near you. These could include community centers, tea rooms, restaurants, parks, hotels, or clubhouses.

Who can throw a baby shower?

The answer is that anyone who’s willing and able is welcome to throw a baby shower. It doesn’t really matter who plans and hosts the festivities, as long as it gets done. Plus, sometimes there could be more than one baby shower, each shower involving different groups of people. Some expectant moms even plan their own showers.

What are your favorite baby shower places for an outdoor experience?

Here are my favorite baby shower places for an pseudo-outdoor experience. Here in North Carolina we have several lovely botanical garden venues. These gardens provide not only a great location for people to meet, but they also create an experience outside of the baby shower itself.

Was Kylie Jenner’s baby shower a giraffe?

Kylie Jenner shared photos from what seemed to be her baby shower on Friday. The Kylie Cosmetics founder, 24, posted a series of nine photos that showed off her white-and-gold giraffe-themed baby shower. Jenner had wooden giraffes as part of her decor. Jenner donned a tight long white dress, a long silver necklace, and silver dangly earrings.