What is a a standing order?

What is a a standing order?

A standing order is a written instructionissued by a medical practitioner, dentist, nurse practitioner or optometrist. It authorises a specified person or class of people (eg, paramedics, registered nurses) who do not have prescribing rights to administer and/or supply specified medicines and some controlled drugs.

Can a standing order require a person to administer or supply medicines?

A standing order permits or empowers people to administer and/or supply medicines; it cannot require them to do so. In every case it will be a matter of professional judgement by the person concerned as to whether to administer and/or supply medicines pursuant to a standing order.

Who is responsible for maintaining copies of standing orders?

INSTRUCTIONS TO PUBLIC SERVANTS 1. Public servants to whom copies of Standing Orders are issued are responsible for keeping the copies up-to-date with all amendments inserted and registered.

What are the guidelines for a 2nd standing order?

2 Standing Order Guidelines 2 Exclusions. 5. A standing order does not allow a person to generate a prescription and provide it to a patient to take to a pharmacy to be dispensed (with the prescription signed later by the issuer of the standing order). Pharmacies cannot lawfully dispense unsigned prescriptions.