What is a 7mge engine?

What is a 7mge engine?

The 7M-GE is a three-liter, 2954 cc, 24-valve engine. The valves are placed at a 50-degree angle for performance, and the cylinder bore is 83 mm (3.27 inches). The stroke is 91 mm (3.58 inches). The 7M-GE is also double overhaul camshaft (DOHC), fuel-injected.

How many valves in 5mge?

5M-GE. The 12-valve (2 valves per cylinder) DOHC 5M-GE is familiar as the engine of the Toyota Supra and Toyota Cressida of the 1980s.

How much HP can a 7mgte make?

With the usual breathing mods, an uprated intercooler and fuel pump, bigger injectors, a metal head gasket, and an improved air-flow meter, with proper tuning, we would expect to achieve around 400 HP.

Is the 7MGTE good?

A healthy 7M-GTE is easily capable of providing a reliable, daily-driven 450 HP set up with the right tuning. However, you’ll reach the limits of the stock CT26 turbocharger at around 14 PSI. Once you’ve improved the internals, you can expect to achieve over 700 HP with the stock bottom-end reliably.

What is a 5M-GE engine?

An otherwise standard V6 design, the 5M-GE had two valves per cylinder (in keeping with the hemispherical-head design), activated by dual overhead cams, driven by a belt drive. The engine was only used in the Supra and Cressida.

How many years did Toyota make the 5M-GE engine?

8.8 (1982-83)9.2 (1984-88) The culmination of fifteen years of development and the production of over 400,000 dual-overhead-cam engines, the 5M-GE engine started out in 1982 Toyota cars with 145 horsepower.

What kind of engine does a Ford Mustang Hemi have?

The 2.8 liter engine had hemispherical combustion chambers, which allowed for a cross-flow head (intake valve on one side, exhaust on the other), and a central spark plug location; the design was similar to the monster Chrysler Hemi engines that had been discontinued a decade earlier.