What is a 1/32 Din PID controller?

What is a 1/32 Din PID controller?

It is one of the smallest 1/32 DIN PID controllers on the market and the perfect unit for hobbyists to upgrade their brewer, incubator, espresso machine or glass kiln and professionals in industrial use.

What is the PID on/off control mode used for?

The PID control mode can maintain the temperature within one degree when properly tuned. The on/off control mode is useful for controlling refrigerator, motor, or solenoid valve that does not favor frequent switching. Users can set the target temperature and hysteresis band.

How does the AI enhanced PID algorithm work?

The newly developed artificial intelligence enhanced PID algorithm and auto-tune function will control the temperature within one degree accuracy without complicated PID parameter fine tuning. This controller contains all the primary functions of an industrial grade PID controller but is also made simple for amateur use.