What happens in TVD s2 ep22?

What happens in TVD s2 ep22?

Klaus gives Stefan bag after bag of blood and tells him to leave town with him and embrace his true nature. That’s the deal. As Damon begins to fade—”I deserve to die” he tells Elena–Katherine appears with the cure and gives it to him. Stefan gets a text from Elena telling him that’s Damon’s okay.

What is Damon and Enzo feeding?

In the Season 8 premiere, “Hello, Brother,” Enzo and Damon were still slaves to the evil creature, forced to bring her bad people to eat — they dragged people to an abandoned slaughterhouse and dump them into a vat of water for this evil to eat.

Why is Elena feeding on Damon a big deal?

Stefan remains adamant that Elena steer clear of human blood, fearing the repercussions if she can’t control her thirst. Damon (a role coveted by many actors) believes the only way Elena can survive and learn self-control is to drink directly from the vein. “You’re a vampire, Elena.

What deal does Stefan make with Klaus?

Wanting the ‘talent’ that came with being a ripper that Stefan posed, Klaus promised to give him the cure for the werewolf bite; his blood, the blood of a hybrid; if Stefan did everything he asked.

Who gave Jeremy his ring?

Jeremy later caught Damon trying to kiss Elena. Since Elena refused to kiss him back, he ran over to Jeremy and snapped his neck. After Damon left it was revealed that John had given his ring to Jeremy, who later came back to life.

How does Bonnie resurrect Jeremy?

Sheriff Forbes accidentally shot Jeremy later in the season, but Bonnie was able to summon him back. Jeremy volunteered to let Bonnie stop his heart for a spell in season 3, but she saved him from total annihilation yet again.

Why did Stefan steal Klaus family?

Stefan and Katherine leave town together where it is revealed Stefan went back on the plan to kill Klaus because his were compelled to kill Damon if Klaus was killed. Stefan steals the coffins with Klaus’s siblings in them.

What is the last episode of the Vampire Diaries?

Home is the twenty-second and final episode of the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries and the one hundred and eleventh episode of the series overall.

What happened to Stefan on ‘the Vampire Diaries’?

The episode starts with Caroline crying over Stefan’s dead body at the Whitmore dorm, while Damon and Elena arrive. Stefan watches them from the other side while he starts to be pulled from existence, as the other side continues to crumble. He tries to hold on and Lexi appears, saving him.

Why does Damon want to find another way to help Bonnie?

Damon meets Bonnie and is furious when he learns that they lost the only traveler who could help them with the spell, and he tells her to find another way because his brother is on the Other Side, along with other people they all care about, such as Alaric, and her grandmother, Sheila. Enzo appears with a new plan, which requires a witch.