What happened to Ken from VIXX?

What happened to Ken from VIXX?

VIXX’s Ken is officially discharged from the military! Ken enlisted in the military as a member of the military band on July 6, 2020 after writing a heartfelt letter to his fans. He was the third member of VIXX to enlist following Cha Hak Yeon (N) and Leo.

Who is Korean Ken?

Lee Jae-hwan
Lee Jae-hwan (Korean: 이재환 born April 6, 1992), better known by his stage name Ken (Korean: 켄), is a South Korean singer and actor, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. He is one of the members in the South Korean boy group VIXX, and has been widely praised for his unique, soulful, and husky vocal tone.

Who is Ken in SB19?

Ken Suson
Ken Suson (born January 12, 1997) is a Filipino singer and rapper under ShowBT Entertainment and member of boy group SB19. He made his first solo debut on September 18, 2021 with his debut single “Palayo”.

What happened to Kim Seokjin?

Jin, the oldest member of the group, will likely have to enlist in the South Korean military sometime in 2020, meaning he’ll have to take a hiatus from his career as a member of BTS. Though South Korean athletes have been granted exemptions from signing up before, K-pop groups are historically not.

Is Ken still a member of SB19?

SB19 is a five-member Filipino boy band that debuted in 2018, consisting of Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin….

Years active 2018–present
Labels Sony Philippines ShowBT Entertainment RealBros Music Group
Website sb19official.com
Members Josh Pablo Stell Ken Justin

Is SB19 single?

They released their first promotional single “Wag Mong Ikunot Ang Iyong Noo” afterwards. After signing with Sony Music Philippines in the same year, SB19 released their third single “Alab (Burning)” in December….

SB19 discography
Singles 8
Promotional singles 2

Does Jungkook own lunar land?

Now Jungkook is the legal owner of a piece of the only natural satellite of the Earth, the size of the surface is equivalent to one acre and it is located in Lake Lacus Feclicitatis, exactly at latitude 18.72ºN and longitude 5.02ºE.

Who wrote moon BTS lyrics?

Slow Rabbit

Is BTS going to military in 2021?

“BTS hasn’t submitted an application for military service yet. But if they do, the government will naturally push for their military enlistment postponement,” Hwang Hee told Korean news channel YTN.

Why did sejun change his name?

— Changed his stage name from Sejun to Pablo, which is derived from his real name Paulo. – Pablo tend to forget birthdays, so he has to calendar it. —If he will be in a deserted island he would choose Ken as his companion so it would feel like he’s with no one.