What happened to EdenPURE?

What happened to EdenPURE?

The maker of EdenPure heaters has been told to discontinue its claims that the portable heaters are safer, superior and save more than other heaters. Suarez Corp, the manufacturer, can continue to boast that the heaters are “made in the U.S.A.” after a review by the Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation program.

Is EdenPURE made in USA?

Industries, which manufactures the EdenPURE products. Cheers rippled through the crowd outside the plant at 334 Orchard St. “It’s all U.S.-made and all U.S.-produced.”

Where are EdenPURE products made?

North Canton, Ohio
“And not only have we been able to bring it home to the USA with a completely American supply chain, but we are proud to manufacture and distribute EdenPURE heaters from North Canton, Ohio.”

How much is a EdenPURE gen3?

*The EdenPure costs $472, but in recent days the company’s Web site lists a price of $397, with free shipping.

What are the best ways to fix EdenPure heater problems?

Leave the unit unplugged for roughly 30 minutes if it appears unresponsive or repeatedly powers down.

  • Switch off the heater. Open the vent door at the unit’s back below the power cord by hand and remove the washable filter screen.
  • Confirm the heater is plugged directly in to a grounded outlet without an extension cord.
  • Is EdenPure an efficient electric space heater?

    Edenpure is by far the best heater on the market.. This is the second one I have purchased. Very efficient and cost effective… I heat my whole hunting cabin with 1 edenpure. Keep the temp at 72 deg and it only cost me about $150 a month… (900 as ft)….

    How to troubleshoot an EdenPure?

    Check that the EdenPure portable heater is plugged into a reliable,functioning power outlet if the heater turns off,has poor heat output or doesn’t turn on.

  • Reset the heater’s thermostat if the room isn’t warming sufficiently. Turn the thermostat to its hottest setting.
  • Clean the EdenPure’s filter tray if you notice the heater’s performance decreasing. A clogged filter reduces the heater’s output of hot air.
  • Move the EdenPure heater to increase its heating capacity if you notice its fans running constantly.
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    We determined the Duraflame DFI-5010 is the best electric fireplace overall because it offers plenty of safety features, comes with a remote that allows you to adjust flame height and temperature settings, and it can heat larger rooms. It also has a pleasant design that will look good in most homes.