What happened to Ceca?

What happened to Ceca?

“Serbian singer Ceca charged with embezzlement”. London: The Guardian. ^ “Serbian pop singer Ceca, widow of warlord Arkan, avoids jail term”. Guardian. 1 May 2013.

When did Arkan marry Ceca?

Arkan proposed to Ceca on 7 January 1995 and they married a month later, on 19 February. Ceca’s parents were initially against the marriage. Their wedding was broadcast on television, made headlines in newspapers, and was portrayed by Serbian media as a “Serbian fairytale”.

Is Ceca Ražnatović married?

She has served as a judge on the televised singing contests Pinkove Zvezde (2014-2016) and Zvezde Granda (2021–present). Ceca was married to career criminal and paramilitary commander in the Yugoslav Wars, Željko Ražnatović “Arkan”, with whom she has two children.

Why is Ceca Ražnatović banned from entering Croatia?

Moreover, due to her legal issues, Ražnatović is officially banned from entering Croatia, being proclaimed persona non grata. Ceca has also been involved in politics by serving as the honorary president of the Party of Serbian Unity before Arkan was assassinated.

What happened to Ceca D’Amelio?

The raid led to a thorough investigation. She was arrested on 17 March 2003 and charged with illegal possession of multiple firearms. Ceca was one of dozens of people detained in the crackdown and she spent three months in prison. She also claimed the firearms were brought to the house by her late husband.

How many albums has Ceca Ražnatović released?

Ceca has released sixteen albums to date. Next to singing, Ražnatović also starred as Koštana in the film adaptation of Borisav Stanković ‘s novel Impure Blood, but was eventually cut out from the picture due to poor critical reception.

How many albums has Ceca released to date?

After releasing her best-selling album to date, Decenija (2001), she held a sold-out concert at the Belgrade’s Marakana stadium in 2002. Nevertheless, she managed to surpass that success in 2006 by performing at Belgrade’s Ušće in front of more than 100,000 fans. Ceca has released sixteen albums to date.