What happened on Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor?

What happened on Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor?

This season featured a then 26-year-old Ben Higgins, a software salesman from Warsaw, Indiana. The season concluded on March 14, 2016 in which 25-year-old flight attendant Lauren Bushnell was named the winner for this season and ultimately becoming Higgins’ fiancée until they ended their engagement on May 15, 2017.

Did Ben Higgins from the bachelor get married?

The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins Marries Jessica Clarke: ‘I Am So Thankful I Found Her’ Ben Higgins is a married man! The former Bachelor tied the knot with fiancée Jessica Clarke in a romantic ceremony on Saturday at The Estate in Cherokee Dock near Nashville, Tennessee, PEOPLE exclusively confirms.

Are Ben and Jess waiting for marriage?

Ben Higgins Says Postponing Wedding Has Been ‘Hard’ on His Fiancée Jessica Clarke: ‘It Could Maybe Not Happen’ Ben Higgins and his fiancée Jessica Clarke can’t wait to tie the knot! But like many people, Higgins and Clarke had to postpone their wedding day until 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

What does Ben Higgins do for a living?

TV PersonalityBen Higgins / Profession

How did Jessica Clark meet Ben?

The couple first met in 2018 after Ben, who recently wrote a book, slid into Jessica’s direct messages on Instagram. The reality star was in Nashville and wanted to see which teams were playing that night. As Ben was scrolling through the app, he came across a picture of Jessica and immediately screenshotted the photo.

Who is Ben with now?

Next chapter! Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke are married more than one year after he proposed.

Who is Bachelor Ben with now?

Bachelor’s Ben Higgins Marries Longtime Love Jessica Clarke.

How did Ben and Lauren break up?

The decision to call it quits over the phone “felt far healthier” for both parties, Ben explained. “I was on my way to New York with my boss when Lauren and I had a brief conversation in which we agreed she would move while I was gone. It was the best possible solution for both of us.

How did Lauren Bushnell meet her husband?

Lane and Bushnell met at a radio event in Austin, Texas, in 2015, but a few years passed before their romance blossomed. In August of 2018, he (finally) invited her to join him and a group of friends on vacation — and even then, he didn’t exactly make the best impression.

Is Lauren Zima still engaged to Chris Harrison?

Chris Harrison is a bachelor no more! The former host of The Bachelor franchise has handed out his final rose, so to speak, and is now engaged to Entertainment Tonight correspondent Lauren Zima.