What happened at Fort Meade?

What happened at Fort Meade?

An incident at Ft. Meade in Maryland Thursday morning was in fact a drill, according to a public affairs officer. After multiple news reports surfaced regarding an active shooter at Fort Meade in Maryland, a public affairs officer confirmed to CNN that there was an incident with multiple casualties.

What is Fort Meade known for?

It is the home to the National Security Agency, Central Security Service, United States Cyber Command and the Defense Information Systems Agency, which are located on the U.S. Army post Fort George G. Meade.

Can civilians get on Fort Meade?

Visitors who do not have a CAC, military ID or approved access credential must access the installation using the main gate at Reece Road and Maryland State Route 175. Reece Road is the only visitor access gate to Fort Meade; follow signs to the vehicle inspection station.

What army units are at Fort Meade?

Units / Tenants

  • U.S. Cyber Command.
  • National Security Agency.
  • 55th Signal Command.
  • 1st Medical Recruiting Battalion.
  • 3rd Training Support Brigade.
  • 32nd Civil Support Team.
  • 48th Combat Support Hospital.
  • 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing.

How old is Fort Meade?

Fort Meade became an active Army installation in 1917. Authorized by an Act of Congress in May 1917, it was one of 16 cantonments built for troops drafted for the war with the Central Powers in Europe.

Is the NSA on Fort Meade?

Fort Meade, Maryland, is home to the Defense Information School, the headquarters of United States Cyber Command, the National Security Agency (NSA), the Defense Courier Service, and Defense Information Systems Agency headquarters. Fort Meade NSA is the U.S. center for information, intelligence, and cyber operations.

Who can access Fort Meade?

Visitors, contractors, and vendors with an Installation Access Badge ID can access the installation at any Access Control Point (ACP). Badges are valid only for the timeframe authorized on the badge and all personnel 18 years and older in the vehicle must have a valid installation access badge.

Does Fort Meade have barracks?

Fort Meade Barracks Freedom Barracks beside Gaffney Gym is a likely place to be assigned. Everything you need is provided for you here. There’s a barracks manager and friendly staff to help you get situated and keep you comfortable.

Does Fort Meade have infantry?

During World War I, more than 400,000 soldiers passed through Fort Meade, a training site for three infantry divisions, three training battalions and one depot brigade.

Is Fort Meade active?

This is a composition of 10,000 Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard personnel from all services, 32,000 civilian employees, and 14,000 family members. There are approximately 150,000 retirees living in Fort Meade surrounding communities.

How many people are stationed at Fort Meade?

Fort Meade is home to over 18,000 military personnel, representing all services, as well as 40,000+ civilian employees. Over 11,000 family members reside on post and 80,000 in the surrounding communities. There is also a robust retiree population that exceeds 150,000 individuals.

When did Fort Meade become an active Army installation?

Fort George G. Meade Fort Meade became an active Army installation in 1917. Authorized by an Act of Congress in May 1917, it was one of 16 cantonments built for troops drafted for the war with the Central Powers in Europe.

What happened to the prisoners of war at Fort Meade?

Fort Meade was home to a number of German and Italian prisoners of war. In September 1943, the first shipment of 1,632 Italian and 58 German prisoners arrived at Fort Meade. Some of those prisoners, including a highly decorated German submarine commander named Werner Henke, died during their captivity and were buried at Fort Meade.

What is Hodges Hall in Fort Worth named after?

Hodges Hall (4551 Llewellyn Avenue), named after Maj. Gen. Courtney Hodges, First Army commander in the European Theater of Operations, World War II. Kuhn Hall (4415 Llewellyn Avenue), named after Maj. Gen. Joseph Kuhn, 79th Infantry Division, and first Post Commander of Camp Meade.

What is the book Fort Meade the first 100 years?

Fort George G. Meade: The First 100 Years is a visually engaging depiction of Fort Meade’s century of service to the nation. Using historical essays, personal memories, postcards and news articles, the book chronicles Fort Meade’s varied and rich history.