What happen to Adam Ant?

What happen to Adam Ant?

Since 2010, Ant has reactivated his musical career, performing live regularly in his hometown of London and beyond, recording and releasing a new album Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter (2013, UK number 25) and completing eight full-length UK national tours, five US national tours, and …

How tall is Adam Ant?

5′ 8″
Adam Ant/Height

Are Adam Ant and Adam and the Ants the same?

Adam and the Ants were an English rock band formed in London in 1977. The group existed in two incarnations, both fronted by Adam Ant, lasting from 1977 to 1982. The second incarnation of Adam and the Ants featured guitarist Marco Pirroni and drummer/producer Chris Hughes, and was noted for its use of Burundi drums.

How old is Adam Ant now?

Stuart Leslie Goddard, better known as Adam Ant (born 3 November 1954), is an English singer and musician. He gained popularity as the lead singer of new wave group Adam and the Ants and later as a solo artist, scoring 10 UK top ten hits from 1980 to 1983, including three UK No. 1 singles.

Why is Adam and the ants so popular?

In addition to their music, Adam and the Ants became known for the over the top outfits and impressive production values contained within their memorable music videos, which lead singer Adam Ant often produced himself.

Why did Adam Ant change the name of the ants?

The Ants disbanded in 1980 when three of its members left to form another band, but Adam Ant was determined to realise his dream of becoming a star. He very quickly hired two new members and decided to put himself front and centre by changing the band’s name to Adam and the Ants.

What does Adam Ant need to be a pop star?

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