What guns are legal in Belgium?

What guns are legal in Belgium?

Today in Belgium, it’s not easy to own any type of gun, unless it’s a rifle or shotgun. The nation prohibits the private possession of fully automatic weapons, and permits ownership of semi-automatic weapons only in certain case scenarios.

When did nitro proof start?

NP with crown over- the Birmingham Nitro Proof mark, introduced in 1896.

What is gun proof?

Proof is the process of testing the safety of a gun barrel. It is still done as it has been since the Company was established in 1637: by firing the gun with an over-pressure charge of powder. If the gun survives undamaged, it will be safe to shoot.

What is Nitro proofing?

noun. The proving or testing of a gun intended to be used with nitro powder.

Are brass knuckles illegal in Belgium?

Brass knuckles are illegal in Hong Kong, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, the Republic of Ireland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Singapore, Republic of China in Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

What gun brands are German?


  • Hartmann & Weiss.
  • HASAG.
  • Heckler & Koch.
  • Herbert Schmidt Ostheim.
  • Heym (gun manufacturer)

How can experts match a bullet to a specific make or model of gun?

Experts can often identify the weapon used based on rifling impressions on the bullet, or breech face and firing pin impressions in the primer at the base of the cartridge case.

What is the gauge of a Belgian proof mark?

The gauge or bore is typically indicated by a “12” or “16,” often accompanied by the chamber length (see Kennett’s no. 33 below). Here is Lee Kennett’s complete listing of Belgian proof marks in his “A History of Proof Marks: Gun Proof in Belgium,” published in the 32nd edition of The Gun Digest (1978), 129-138.

How to tell if a rifle is Belgian?

As for proof marks, the oval with E/LG/* inside makes it indeed Belgian. The problem is this mark was used from 1818 (muzzle loading period) until 1893, so that hardly narrows down the time frame. There’s no indication of gauge. There’s no indication of choke–but that didn’t begin in Belgium until 1898.

What does 9 on a barrel mean in Belgium?

BELGIAN PROOF MARKS Introduced for handguns, 1846 to 1924. 9 applied to barrels exported in rough state.Smokeless powder proof of military rifles 19 until 1903, thereafter indicates nitro proof forall types of arms.

How can you tell if a gun is proof or not?

But if the gun is a British or Continental breechloader, it should have proof marks on the water table of the receiver and on the barrel flats near the breech. The first on the left and the fourth (the one that resembles a candlestick) indicate provisional proof.