What game is Calista?

What game is Calista?

Spirit Category Primary
Rank Advanced (★★)
Type Grab
Game Series The Last Story

What game is ZAEL?

Zael is the protagonist of The Last Story. He lost his entire family at a young age and works as a mercenary to support himself. As an orphan he met and was befriended by Dagran.

Who made The Last Story?

AQ Interactive
The Last Story/Developers

How do you pronounce ZAEL?

Pronunciation: Zi-el, Zai-el.

When did Sakaguchi leave Square?

Hironobu Sakaguchi helped create the Final Fantasy series, but hasn’t been involved in the creation of one of its core games since he left Square Enix in 2003. That doesn’t mean he’s entirely left the franchise behind though – he’s simply joined the ranks of Final Fantasy XIV players instead.

Is XAEL a girl name?

Xael – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Where does the name ZAEL come from?

Zael is Greek Boy name and meaning of this name is “Sea Strength”.

Who is the head of FF?

He is known as the creator of the Final Fantasy franchise, in addition to other titles during his time at Square….

Hironobu Sakaguchi
Nationality Japanese
Occupation CEO of Mistwalker, game designer
Employer Square (1983–2003) Mistwalker (2004–present)
Known for Role-playing video games

Who is Calista in Lazulis Island?

Calista is the princess of the House of Arganan that rules Lazulis Island. Both her parents died when she was very small. She is now forced to live a sheltered life under the watch of her uncle and current ruler of Lazulis Castle, Count Arganan.

What is Lady Calista’s real name?

Lady Calista (カナン姫 Kanan-hime; Lady Kanan in the Japanese version) is the game’s deuteragonist and secondary protagonist, she is the heir to the House of Arganan that rules Lazulis Island. Both her parents died when she was very small.

What does Calista look like in real life?

Calista has a strong resemblance to Lenneth, the protagonist of Valkyrie profile. Calista’s concept art depicts her wearing her white wedding dress torn off at the skirt, but in the game it is her black engagement dress that acts as armor in this way. Only her engagement dress is available as armor.

Why is Calista a prisoner in her own home?

Her uncle, Count Arganan, is the current ruler of Lazulis Castle, and under his own decree Calista finds herself a prisoner in her own home. Calista dreams of someday escaping her life, and leaving the castle to travel and explore the world.