What Flavours of Gatorade are there?

What Flavours of Gatorade are there?

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  • Fruit Punch (24)
  • Lemon Lime (24)
  • Orange (20)
  • Glacier Freeze (9)
  • Riptide Rush (10)
  • Glacier Cherry (3)
  • Grape (6)

What flavor is fruit punch Gatorade?

4. Fruit Punch. Status: The cranberry juice of sports drinks.

What is the most popular Flavour of Gatorade?

The Most Popular Gatorade Flavors

  • Cool Blue. According to the memo, we buy it more than any other flavor.
  • Fruit Punch. That’s the red one.
  • Lemon-Lime, the yellow one. It’s one of their original flavors from 1965.
  • Glacier Freeze.
  • Orange, their other original flavor.

Is rain Berry Gatorade discontinued 2021?

Conversation. Rain Berry is still out there, now called Frost Rain Berry.

Does Gatorade still make citrus cooler?

Conversation. Gatorade introduced the Citrus Cooler flavor in 1988. Flavor sold better when MJ declared it his favorite, but it was still discontinued. citrus cooler came back on a limited basis in 2006.

What are the blue Gatorade flavors?

Glacier Freeze Though Gatorade has a number of flavors colored blue, when people say they want Blue Gatorade, what they’re talking about is Glacier Freeze. And God help anyone who mistakes it for Cool Blue. Glacier Freeze Gatorade might be the only thing on the planet that just tastes like a color.

What flavor is Glacier Freeze Gatorade?

Nobody knows what Glacier Freeze tastes like, but we still love it. It’s a mystery, and may always be, but we find comfort in the cool touch of the bitter-tasting blue berry drink reaching our stomachs.

What flavor is icy charge Gatorade?

Yeah, Arctic Blitz and Icy Charge aren’t descriptive flavor names. But if you’re wondering, Arctic Blitz is watermelon honeydew flavored, while Icy Charge is pineapple lime.

Do they still make rain Berry Gatorade?

Rain Berry is still out there, now called Frost Rain Berry. Rain Lime was discontinued in February. Hope this helps!

What are the different flavors of Gatorade?

These are all the Gatorade flavors. Fruit Punch. Rain Berry. Lemonade. Cool Blue. Citrus Cooler. Tangerine. Watermelon Citrus. Lemon-Lime.

What does Gatorade fruit punch taste like?

Its flavor is light and fruity and it is recommended by the pros. Gatorade fruit punch drink is preferred by people because of its pleasant taste and a full dose of energy. It has a total of 130 calories per 20 oz bottle which might be more as compared to other flavors by Gatorade.

What does Glacier Freeze Gatorade taste like?

Glacier freeze Gatorade smells like berries and has a light, crisp, and refreshing flavor to it. This flavor is even good for you if you had been vomiting all night. It replenishes all the necessary nutrients in the body and makes you ready for the next big move.

Does Gatorade have Watermelon in it?

Strawberry Watermelon by Gatorade is a perfect watermelon and strawberry punch that will rehydrate your body within minutes. The drink is orangey red in color and has a robust and refreshing flavor. The flavor is mainly strawberry, but it does have some watermelon tinge embedded in it which feels like a watermelon candy.