What flavor is julebrus?

What flavor is julebrus?

red raspberry
Norwegian Christmas soda named Julebrus occurs mainly in two flavors: either red raspberry or brownish champagne. The labels may be more amusing than the taste itself as every company craves to outdo the others and design the most unique festive label.

What is a Norwegian Christmas soda?

Julebrus (English: Christmas soda) or Jolebrus is a Norwegian soft drink, brewed by most Norwegian breweries as a Christmas drink for minors, instead of the traditional juleøl (English: Christmas ale), but is also very popular amongst adults.

What do Swedes drink at Christmas?

Glögg is a spiced, sugared and simmered (or ‘mulled’) red wine. In Sweden this is a beverage that people consume almost exclusively during the Christmas season, usually with raisins and blanched almonds added. Glögg is preferably served in a special little mug with a handle.

Does IKEA sell julmust?

The uniquely Swedish soft drink julmust is traditionally consumed around Christmas. Serve chilled as a thirst-quencher or with any food.

What alcohol is Sweden known for?

The main Swedish specialty is brännvin (literally “burn-wine”), liquor distilled from fermented grain or potatoes. Vodka is the highest grade of brännvin, with brands like Absolut Vodka and Explorer Vodka. Brännvin seasoned with herbs is known as akvavit.

What is Swedish Easter drink?

The uniquely Swedish soft drink julmust is traditionally consumed around Easter.

What does julmust taste like?

Julmust, which tastes like a blend of cola and root beer, was created by Swedish chemist Harry Roberts in the early 20th century as a nonalcoholic alternative to beer.

How do you drink Vintersaga?

A traditional Swedish Christmas drink commonly flavored with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. Serve steaming hot with raisins and chopped almonds added in, or enjoy cold as it is.

What Swedish drink outsells Coke?

In Sweden, julmust outsells Coca-Cola during the Christmas season; in fact, the consumption of Coca-Cola drops by as much as 50% over the holiday.

How does julmust taste?