What film does a Polaroid 300 camera use?

What film does a Polaroid 300 camera use?

Polaroid 300 instant film
It uses Polaroid 300 instant film, and is powered by 4 x AA batteries. The Polaroid 300 produces instant, vivid, high-quality business card size prints, bringing back the fun of instant photos!

Does Polaroid film fit Fujifilm?

Does Polaroid film work with Fujifilm Instax? The only kind of Polaroid film that works with Instax is the Polaroid 300 film. It has been specifically designed for use with Polaroid 300 and Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras. Other types of Polaroid film are not compatible.

What film should I use for my Polaroid?

600 is the most common film type for vintage cameras, and works with Polaroid’s popular 600 series of cameras. The majority of cameras will have a number in the 600-series in their name (e.g. Sun 660, LM630, SLR 680, Impulse, Impulse AF and so on). You can always spot 600 film from its blue packaging.

Do they still make Polaroid instant cameras?

And for peel apart film, Fuji still makes film that works in these cameras. While not Polaroid, Fujifilm currently makes a line of cameras called Instax that produce “instant photos” similar to Integral Polaroids, but they have a different aspect ratio and come in two different sizes.

Where can you buy a Polaroid instant camera?

For camera collectors and serious photography hobbyists, an original Polaroid SLR 680 instant camera (first released in 1982), for example, can be found on eBay for upwards of $5,500, while an original Polaroid 690 SLR Instant Camera (also from 1982) will set you back around $1,500.

What is the best Polaroid camera?

The Best Polaroid Camera. (Editor’s Choice) Instax Mini 90 is the best Polaroid camera because of it’s amazing image print quality, ease of use and its various shooting modes. The only downside we could find is lack of a zoom lens.

Can you still buy Polaroid cameras?

Luckly Fuji is still making films to fit Polaroid cameras (except the very common 600 camera). All of the Polaroid packfilms can still be purchased but are not being manufactured. Polaroid is still making the 600 film but the production will end August of 2009.