What equipment do Chinese cook with?

What equipment do Chinese cook with?

The wok is one of the most widely used cooking utensils and the most important one in Chinese cooking. It can be found in the kitchen of almost every Chinese family. Woks are a multi-functional piece of cookware.

What is the main tool used in a Chinese kitchen?

The two most common utensils used in Chinese cooking are spatulas and ladles. Wok spatulas basically come in two basic varieties: metal and bamboo.

What are wok utensils called?

Wok cooking is often done with utensils called chǎn (spatula) or biāo (ladle) whose long handles protect cooks from high heat.

What utensils do Asians use?

Chopsticks are shaped pairs of equal-length sticks of Chinese origin that have been used as kitchen and eating utensils in most of East Asia for over three millennia….

Chinese 筷子
Alternative Chinese name

What are the main methods and techniques of Chinese cooking?

There are hundreds of cooking methods in China. However, the most common methods are stir-frying, deep-frying, shallow-frying, braising, boiling, steaming and roasting. The most frequently used method is stir-frying. This methods cooks processed ingredients at high heat for a short period of time.

What is a wok chan?

Flat wok shovel Called a “chan”, this versatile tool is used to flip and toss ingredients when stir-frying, as well as to measure sauces and remove cooked food from the wok to a serving plate.

What is a Chinese spatula?

When you stir-fry it’s natural to assume you’ll be using a Chinese spatula, also known as a wok chuan in Cantonese. These beautiful tools have a shovel-like shape which means as you stir-fry, each scoop holds more food than a Western spatula. The rounded edge also fits the contour of the wok.

Why are Chinese spoons flat?

The flat bottom spoons are usually bigger than western spoons and can hold more liquid, which is handy for eating Asian soups which usually have noodles or large chunks of vegetables and meat in them. Using a western spoon, there’s too little room to fit in both the solid ingredients and the broth.

What is the second most common Chinese cooking method?

7 Most Popular Chinese Cooking Methods

  1. Stir-Frying. Black pepper beef fillet is a typical stir-frying dish.
  2. Deep-Frying. Deep-frying is used to produce crisp-textured food.
  3. Steaming. Steaming food by using bamboo steamers.
  4. Red Stewing or Red-Cooking. Red-cooked pork.
  5. Boiling.
  6. Roasting.
  7. Braising.

What equipment is used in kitchen?

Pots and Pans. Pots and pans represent an elemental type of equipment used in the kitchen for a variety of purposes. Stainless steel saucepans spread the heat more evenly than other materials.

What is commercial kitchen equipment?

Equipment. Most commercial kitchens use professional equipment. Food service equipment is often made from stainless steel, which can be easily cleaned and sanitized. Professional refrigeration equipment is designed to cool foods quickly from temperature ranges where food borne illnesses are most likely to grow.

What is the Chinese restaurant?

Chinese restaurant. A Chinese restaurant is an establishment that serves Chinese cuisine outside China. Most of them are in the Cantonese restaurant style, often adapted to local preferences, as in the American Chinese cuisine and Canadian Chinese cuisine.

What is China kitchen?

The China Kitchen is a contemporary Chinese restaurant in Delhi that introduced the city to the first-of-its-kind stylized interpretation of the traditional Chinese dining experience.