What does wayfare mean?

What does wayfare mean?

Definition of wayfare (Entry 1 of 2) 1 archaic : an act or course of journeying. 2 obsolete : money or provisions for a journey.

What does Normad mean?

The normad is a person who changes their physical appearance often to fit in with others.

What is a Wavefarer?

Definition of wayfarer : a traveler especially on foot.

Who are wayfarers?

A wayfarer is a traveler, especially one who travels on foot. Wayfarer combines way with farer, from an Old English root, fær, “journey, road, passage, or expedition.”

What is the synonym for wanderlust?

Wanderlust Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for wanderlust?

restlessness unsettledness
itchy feet travel bug
desire to travel urge to travel

What is Rambler mean?

Definition of rambler 1 : one that rambles. 2 : any of various climbing roses with long flexible canes and rather small often double flowers in large clusters. 3 : ranch house.

What is the meaning of nomadic?

Kids Definition of nomadic 1 : characteristic of or being a nomad or group of nomads nomadic herders a nomadic lifestyle 2 : roaming about from place to place nomadic wolves

What is the meaning of aviator?

Kids Definition of aviator. : the pilot of an aircraft. Keep scrolling for more. Comments on aviator.

What does no·​Mad· ​IC mean?

no·​mad·​ic | \\ nō-ˈma-dik \\. 1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of nomads a nomadic tribe nomadic herders. 2 : roaming about from place to place aimlessly, frequently, or without a fixed pattern of movement a nomadic hobo.

What is a good sentence for aviator?

Definition of aviator. 1 : the operator or pilot of an aircraft and especially an airplane. 2 aviators : aviator glasses The heat had begun to settle in, and as she hit the sidewalk, she slipped on her new sunglasses, a trendy pair of aviators.— Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about aviator.