What does the Dominican coat of arms represent?

What does the Dominican coat of arms represent?

The coat of arms of the Dominican Republic is one of the most significant patriotic symbols for the country, since it represents the Free State, Independence and Sovereign. The current one was designed by the Dominican politician Casimiro Nemesio de Moya in 1913 and is found in the 32nd article of the Constitution.

What verse is on the Dominican flag?

In the center of the shield, flanked by three spears (two of them holding Dominican banners) on each side, is a Bible with a small cross above it and said to be opened to the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 32, which reads Y la verdad os har√° libres (And the truth shall make you free).

How many shields does the Dominican Republic have in its history?

In the center of the shield, flanked by six spears (three on each side), the front four holding the national flag, is a Bible with a small golden cross above it….

Coat of arms of the Dominican Republic
Adopted 6 November 1844 (altered at least 20 times)
Motto Dios, Patria, Libertad “God, Homeland, Liberty”

What religion is Dominican Republic?

Roman Catholicism
The constitution provides for freedom of religion and belief. A concordat with the Holy See designates Roman Catholicism as the official state religion and extends to the Catholic Church special privileges not granted to other religious groups.

What are some fun facts about the Dominican Republic?

Fun Facts About The Dominican Republic

  • The Dominican Republic is the 86th most populous country in the world.
  • It is located in the Caribbean.
  • Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic.
  • The official language of Dominican Republic is Spanish.
  • Inhabitants of the country are called Dominicans.

Which national flag has a Bible on it?

the Dominican Republic
What you probably didn’t know is that the Dominican Republic is the only country in the world to have an image of the Holy Bible on its national flag. Yes, it’s true! The national flag is formatted blue-red-blue-red with a white central cross. When used for official purposes, it includes the coat of arms.

What alcohol is Dominican Republic known for?

The Dominican Republic is one of the largest producers of premium rum in the world and home to major brands like Brugal and Barcel√≥. Enjoy rum sampling tours all over the country, or visit the Rum and Tobacco Museum in Santo Domingo’s Colonial City for a history lesson before you imbibe.

What is Dr known for?

The Dominican Republic is a very sustainable nation because it produces nearly all kinds of food served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner across the country. It’s the site of the oldest colonial settlement in the Americas, and home to Christopher Columbus’s first New World landing point in 1492.