What does the Benelli Montefeltro come with?

What does the Benelli Montefeltro come with?

The Montefeltro comes with lightweight, low-profile vent rib, with a red bar front sight. The barrel and choke tubes use Benelli’s Crio® System that creates an even-grained, slick surface, resulting in less resistance against wads and shot for uniform shot patterns.

How long is Benelli Montefeltro?

Overall Length: 47.5″ or 49.5″

Does the Benelli Montefeltro come in camo?

This Benelli Montefeltro Semi-Auto Shotgun features a rugged, weather resistant composite stock with an absorbing recoil pad; the entire gun is finished in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades® camo.

What chokes does a Benelli Montefeltro use?

The Monte usually takes Benelli standard chokes (aka Beretta Mobil chokes).

How good is the Benelli Montefeltro?

The Montefeltro is an elegant semi-automatic shotgun that stands out for its reliability, light weight and pattering performance. It is the ideal shotgun for hunters who want a shotgun that is quick to shoulder and intuitive to point.

What choke should you use for slugs?

cylinder choke
A cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth-bore barrel. Sabot slugs should only be shot through our fully-rifled slug barrels. It is not safe to shoot slugs through chokes tighter than those listed here.

Is Benelli Montefeltro gas operated?

THE SYSTEM Like the Super Black Eagle 3 or the ETHOS Sport, at the heart of the Montefeltro is the ultra-reliable Interia Driven System that eliminates many of the pesky annoyances that comes with a gas-operated system.

Is the Benelli Montefeltro inertia driven?

Inertia driven guns are the talk of the internet among hunters and Benelli has been in the reliable inertia shotgun business a long time. Per the Benelli website, since 1967. So I went with the Montefeltro with a 26″ barrel.

Which Benelli shotgun with a 26″ barrel?

So I went with the Montefeltro with a 26″ barrel. This is the least expensive semi-auto shotgun produced by Benelli. I chose the Montefeltro because this is the same model that Argentine dove hunters are given as loaners where they often see thousands of rounds cycled through the gun in a week.

What kind of finish does a Benelli Monte have?

The Monte has a deep blue finish on its cryogenically treated barrel with a matching blue anodized finish on the receiver. The contrasting beautiful satin walnut stocks are a perfect contrast (the gun is also available with synthetic furniture). Benelli did a classy job engraving their name and logo into the forend.

How does the Benelli Montefeltro compare to Browning and Browning?

The inertia system is said to run cleaner and it’s true. By comparison, the gas Browning leaves more residue on the cleaning rags after 50 rounds than the Monte does with over 500 rounds. The Montefeltro comes with a nice wrench and three of Benelli’s Crio system choke tubes; improved cylinder, full and modified.