What does occur by chance mean?

What does occur by chance mean?

phrase. Something that happens by chance was not planned by anyone. He had met Mr.

What is the word for something that happens by chance?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for by-chance, like: fortuitously, by-mistake, accidentally, unwittingly, haply, circumstantially, by luck, perchance, unexpectedly and unintentionally.

What is the dictionary meaning of chance?

a possibility or probability of anything happening: a fifty-percent chance of success. an opportune or favorable time; opportunity: Now is your chance.

How do you use phrase by chance?

Example Sentences

  1. He told himself that it was by chance so as to bring peace to his mind.
  2. Our life gets better and better not by chance, but by working hard.
  3. Silla and Racheal met by chance in a shopping mall.
  4. She got into theater by chance.
  5. Our meeting in hotel was by chance I swear.
  6. I heard their secrets by chance.

Is it by chance or by any chance?

You usually use the idiom “by any chance” at the end or in the middle of a sentence, but it’s also grammatically correct, though not common, if you use it at the beginning of a sentence.

What is the synonym of coincidence?

accident, chance, serendipity, fate, a twist of fate, destiny, fortuity, fortune, providence, freak, hazard.

What is the synonym of serendipity?

chance, happy chance, accident, happy accident, fluke. luck, good luck, good fortune, fortuity, fortuitousness, providence. coincidence, happy coincidence.

What is a example of chance?

Chance is defined as happening by unexplainable reasons, luck, a risk, or the likelihood of something happening. An example of chance is winning the lottery. An example of chance is taking the risk that you won’t be infected by a disease to which you are exposed.

What is a word for chance meeting?

What is another word for chance meeting?

encounter meeting
brush rendezvous
contact confrontation
appointment concurrence
happenstance interview

What does it mean not by chance?

Not a chance!: It won’t happen, there is no possible way.

How do you use by any chance?

You can use by any chance when you are asking questions in order to find out whether something that you think might be true is actually true. Are they by any chance related?

Is by any chance a sentence?

If by any chance a Cuban PT boat stops us, our story is you had a cramp as I happened to sail by. There isn’t any Scots Calvinist blood in you by any chance, is there? You don’t by any chance mean Evander Wye, Fred’s brother who works at the tourmaline mine?

What is the meaning of the word occurring?

Define occurring. occurring synonyms, occurring pronunciation, occurring translation, English dictionary definition of occurring. intr.v. oc·curred , oc·cur·ring , oc·curs 1. To take place; come about. See Synonyms at happen.

What are some words that mean to come by chance?

1 : to come by or as if by chance : happen Success doesn’t just occur, it is earned. 2 : to come into the mind It never occurred to me to ask. 3 : to be found or met with : appear It’s a disease that occurs among cows.

What is an example of occur in a sentence?

Examples of occur in a Sentence. The event is scheduled to occur at noon tomorrow. No one was ready for what was about to occur. There’s a chance that a similar event will occur in the future.

What is the meaning of the word bechance?

bechance, befall, happen- happen, occur, or be the case in the course of events or by chance; “It happens that today is my birthday”; “These things befell” (Santayana) bechance, befall, betide- become of; happen to; “He promised that no harm would befall her”; “What has become of my children?”